Wat zijn groepen?

Groepen zijn plekken waar jij en je vrienden tegen elkaar kunnen spelen in een eigen privéklassement!

  • Je krijgt je eigen unieke groepspagina op de website van Heroes.
  • Je kunt de groepspagina aanpassen met eigen illustraties.
  • Een privéklassement. Zodat je je prestaties eenvoudig kunt vergelijken met die van vrienden!
  • Nodig je vrienden uit om lid van de groep te worden door ze de groepslink te versturen!

Groepen filteren

Med Kniv!

Med Kniv!

Poseidon's Splashy Marines

We have cookies.....They are wet....


BBC means: Boris Bouwschoen's Clan. Everyone can join. More news coming later.

Barefeet Pwnage

Barefeet Pwnage, the clan where everyone is obliged to not wear shoes.

Clan Machi

A Wolfenstein/ETQW/BFH Clan


Members of the 352nd, Blackbeard's Chosen, and a few other gaming societies who play BFH together.

Rhynevalley Raiders

This is a private group for people living in the St. Gall Rhynevalley. When you know what 'Sunnabräu' is (and know how it tastes) then, this group is for you. :) GERMAN: Dies ist eine private Gruppe für Leute aus dem St. Galler Rheintal. Wenn du weisst was 'Sunnabräu' ist (und auch weisst wie es schmeckt) dann ist das deine Gruppe. :)


HeadHunterz Revival

National Frontline

<{NF}We push the front +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Recruiting: OFF +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Name: National Frontline (a squad of the international gaming clan Pr0Killers) Clan tag: <{NF} Leader: <{NF}Luma Co-Leader: <{NF}HyDe Website: http://www.soldatpks.de.vu/ Contact: irc: #soldat.pks @ quakenet.org xfire: lumakker(=Luma) peterkron(=HyDe) skype: lumakker(=Luma) hyde2008(=HyDe) Games: We are playing the game Soldat http://soldat.pl/ since a very long time now and already won some leagues. We are also playing many other free games. BFH faction: National Army Requirements: A microphone. Much time to play. Have fun while playing, be 15 years or older, and have skill. Additional information: We use skype all the day to chill and play and for sure to win together. PKS was founded in 2005. Our aim is to become a pro clan in BFH and to have as much fun as possible! Oh, and we dont like nazis. Cya :)

80's camp

jos et olis syntyny 70-luvulla.

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