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Google Chrome biedt geen ondersteuning meer voor NPAPI, de technologie waarop de invoegtoepassing voor het starten van het spel vertrouwt om het spel te starten.

Als je het spel wilt kunnen starten terwijl je deze browser gebruikt, kun je NPAPI-ondersteuning opnieuw inschakelen via de volgende stappen:

  1. Ga naar de volgende URL: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi
  2. Kies 'Inschakelen' onder de kop 'NPAPI inschakelen'.
  3. Herstart Chrome.
  4. Je moet het spel nu kunnen starten.
Hier kun je er meer over lezen.

Belangrijke mededeling

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Welkom, gast!

08-01-2010, 04:46 AM | Bericht: #1
Now, sniping. Most will be thinking that I am a noob. But no- I don't go on these forums for actions speak lowder than words.

When it comes to weaponry, and you have too first know your preferances. For starters I recommend the slow, long, rifle. That is good for attempting to get maximum damage at long range. I use the slow, long, rifle. I love it. When you have max PS, and get a headshot, it is a joy. 70-78 dmg!

When you're a trigger happy fella, go for the fast, mid range rifle. With PS you can get decent shots, and with quick hit rate you can knock out people before they know what hit 'em. Aim more for body shots, and take advantage of your fast sniping ability.

If you want to knife, sure, get a knife, but if you're an all-out sniper, go for a pistol. When attacked by another commando, I find the pistol is useful. I reccomend the mid range pistol, for it can do reasonably well in most tasks. Once I have sniped a soldier at mid range, usually with PS, I will go in for the kill with a pistol. But beware if he is with his teamates- The pistol is not a big gun, you will get torn to bits.

Weaponry, is actually, unimportant. Just as long as it suits your style of play. The close pistol maybe is what you want- or a knife- or the long range one. Just as long as it suits you.

The reason I have not included the Super and Uber weapons is that they are almost exactly the same as their preddesseccors- and I think they're for nubs.

get stealth level 3. That is all you will really need if you are just a sniper. After that, focus on your sniping abilities. PS, MT and TT. TT and MT are fine at level one, but max level Piercing Shot's devastating hits with headshots when using the slow, long rifle MUST be highlited. 78 damage means that one headshot with your slow, long rifle after PS will kill both a Commando and Soldier, and with commandos a body shot will even do. But when you have your abilities sorted out, definately get max level stealth- for maximum survivabilty

The order is really unimportant, except for stealth. You MUST get reasonable stealth- or you might as well be dead.

When using the slow long rifle, there is but one rule. Go for headshots. The initial damage more than makes up for recoil, and stay at long range. When using the fast, mid range rifle, initially go for a headshot, then just keep clicking the LMB at the body. I do not have alot of experience with the fast, mid range rifle because it doesn't suit me.

With TT, their is one thing that makes up for it's low damage at low level- The Troop Trap Jump. Their are several perches that can only be accessed with Troop Trap Jump, like the roofs of buildings, or up cliffs. It can even let you make a quick getaway, or if you happen to be a knifer, make surprise attacks. You simply lay the Troop Trap on the ground, get as close to it as possible, face the opposite direction of the way you wish to travel, and shoot the Troop Trap. Crouch helps.

With Mark Target, use it to flush out snipers, mark a target at long range, or generally create havoc! When you mark someone, shoot near them, it doesn't really matter if you hit them, and they will simply crouch and hide till it wears off! And when someone in a group is marked, and the bullets come flying, most new players tend to duck. It can be good to ward off small advances, but don't expect it to work on long time players.

With Piercing Shot, just do what you normally do with your rifle. Very simple.

Sniping Spots are on every map- you just need to look for them. Don't ask where they are, you have to find out for yourself! Even invent new ones, and have fun!

GL HF for all those new snipers out there

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09-01-2010, 12:33 AM | Bericht: #2
Its an ok started guide! Good workBig Grin!

Some tips:
1 Get PS to 5 as fast as possible!! Sacrifice stealth in the beginning, because u will be sniping anyway and u don't want to get close!
2 Also I would advice to get lvl mark target after PS 5 to get an edge over the enemy snipers. Also gives a lot of experience, 10 points for marking and 2 points for every bullets that hits the target! It is also much easier to hit targets if they have a big arrow above their head!
3 Don't hang around the same spot all the time, switch spots often, after 2 or 3 kills! Make the next spot so u can see the place where u were before! Some ppl may go there for an 'easy' kill, but instead u kill them while they look suprised!
4 If u get spotted its useally smart to move!
5 Try to evade the standard sniping spots a bit if there is a MT enemy sniper, they useally target these areas!
6 Troop traps can also be handy to trap u sniping spot, so u are warned if anyone is trying to kill u from behind!
7 planes are easy to snipe!
8 If u can afford a pistol, I would buy the long range one! It says long range but it is effective at all ranges! Handy to finish off enemies, while u rifle is on reload!
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08-07-2012, 02:30 PM | Bericht: #3
Move to the left to handle recoil
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08-07-2012, 04:16 PM | Bericht: #4
No elixer?
Your guide is invalid.
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08-07-2012, 05:04 PM | Bericht: #5
(08-07-2012 04:16 PM)s0zage schreef:  No elixer?
Your guide is invalid.

Well, he is talking about an extreme sniper guide. but yes, you are right. even with a sniper mando, you need to have at least 2 points or so on elixir. I´d go with stealth 1 until I have PS5, then put one point on elixir and level stealth up. its def gonna help u survive, IMO more important than both TT( i really dont like these things. they are so annoying if u r not playing sniper so usually im not playin them) and MT (which i always forget to use or never works for me. I can spot enough ppl to shoot anyway!)

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09-07-2012, 05:47 PM | Bericht: #6
Thank you very much
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