What are groups?

Groups are where you and your friends can compete, using your own private Leaderboard!

  • You get your own unique Group page on the Heroes website.
  • You can customise your Group page with your own artwork.
  • A private leaderboard. So you can easily compare your performance to your friends!
  • Invite your friends to join your Group by sending them the Group link!

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Freut euch Auf Leute, die Gerne Zocken und Zwischendurch Ein Trinken.

My name is prince.

Im hoping that there are good players out there if their is you are the resistence against red army ,join me now andd together well win the war.

Heroes of Boston

matamos por divercion

[ST]Sniper Team

All snipers, royal or national. Must be at least lvl 15 and have a 1.0 ratio or higher. Must be mature, not nescessarily high age but mature. Please friend me in game my user is Stargazer546 Happy hunting, snipers!

Operation Black Out (oBo)

OPERATION BLACK OUT, Consists Of Elite Pro's Who Dominate The Warzone, They Dont Hesitate, They Dont Miss..... OORAHH


debe tener battlefunds y de nivel de 9 a 19

The Ark

Royal has been sended Ark,a Squad thats it............


Anyone is allowed to join this group if you can impress me to show that you were meant for owning not being owned if u know what i am saying

Os casadores de cabesa

Vamos matar todo mundo

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