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I couldn't find a general topic, so why not create one? Feel free to redirect me if I overlooked it...

[Image: Western-Set1-Highlight_en.jpg]

My two cents:

The Royal one is rather dull. I only really like the hat and the shoulder item, but the latter one one suits brown jackets. In addition, the shadow is a bit too extreme.

The National one looks very slick. The holsters and boots look amazing, but the hat is a bit too grey compared to other pieces of the sets. Also, I was surprised to find out the shirt item was an actual shirt, instead of a coat. Now you can wear both this shirt and Dolfed's shirt: that's classy!

Another change: the fonts of the forums. Let's just hope for a fix...

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Last thread got shutdown by the big VB


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Ahh... Those threads are usually closed, so I didn't bother checking.
Nevermind then ^^

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16-05-2012, 01:42 PM | Post: #4
The font, my EYES! D:

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16-05-2012, 01:49 PM | Post: #5
(16-05-2012 09:24 AM)VitalBullet Wrote:  Please continue this discussion in the following thread.

And we hope you enjoy the new stuff folks Smile

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