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18-04-2012, 05:19 AM | Post: #1
''We thought were gonna win the all win all by ourselves,we were wrong.''- Billy Joe 1st Royal Army
Division the Big Blue Blazers.

April 30th 1945 we got word that Hitler committed suicide with his mistress Eva Bruan were the Russian ground forces found there corpses in a warehouse. The Royal army cheered vigorusly that the war was over. the Nationals were falling into a pile of ashes as they surrendered with no strength to fight. The National axis leaders were caught and executed one by one as the the third reich fell. The war was all over. Since then, Royals became Royalist and won many wars onward but this war was going to be one way to hell that they wont forget in today's history:World War 3.

In the next chapter i will show how world war 3 started how the royals were in needed of Special Forces thanks for reading.
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18-04-2012, 05:27 AM | Post: #2
This the Intro of the start of World War 3. next chapter: "Hells Highway"
map: Sunset Showdown
Faction: Royals
protagonist: Specialist Ryan
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18-04-2012, 11:38 PM | Post: #3
I like the whole story about how it started. makes sense.
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19-04-2012, 07:45 AM | Post: #4
I realize that the Nationals are a fictional faction in a video game, but since the author used the Nazi leader "Hitler", and referred to the Axis alliance, I'll point just point two things out.

Seeing as how it is an implication that the Nationals are based off the Nazis it seems a little odd to call them Communists. The Nazis were fascists, not Communists. If you look at history you'll see that despite similarities between Communists and Fascists, they were enemies.

Also, Hitler and Eva committed suicide in Hitler's Fuhrerbunker. It wasn't a warehouse.

No ill will intended, I just wanted to point out two inaccuracies that caught my eye. I thought it right seeing as how you placed real historical figures in your little story.

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