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Hello There, Guest!

19-10-2010, 01:16 PM | Post: #1

The Cope family

Hello Heroes

Today we are introducing you to a hero who has hit a marvelous milestone, and for that we will carve his name into the page of Battlefield Heroes.
Now it's time to meet copeofficer, the awesome player who trained 10 Heroes to level 30!

Who are you?
The government tells me I am not to give out my name. People are hunting for me. How about Kevin.. That’s a good made up name.

Where are you from?
Alameda Ca. USA

What do you like best about Battlefield Heroes?
Blasting strike is one of my favorites. But truly I think its level 5 troops traps. I love taking down groups of people at one time. I have scored over 300 points with one TT.

What’s your favorite class and why?
Commando is my favorite by far. I like being sneaky. I am a monster with TT’s. It’s all about the placement. It has gotten to the point I know where to place them so the first one knocks them into the 2nd one then that sends them to the third if need be. I use no poison blade or piercing shot. I don’t even carry a rifle. It’s all pistol and knife, and of course the level 5 TT’s.

What’s your favorite Battlefield Heroes outfit?
I wear only the free outfits. To me, if it doesn’t help in battle, it’s not needed. I do like the special items from widget drops. I have the devil horns, bunny ears, black baseball hats, and robot faces. I have spent a lot of BF’s with widget drops. I think if you add up all of the wrenches I have on all ten guys it would be well over 25000. And I hate tanks.. I have one guy that is level 30 that still hasn’t finished tank one.

What's your favorite weapon in Battlefield Heroes?
BC2 weapons.

What other EA games do you like to play?
All of them.. I am an old school gamer. I had pong as a kid. Yea I’m an old man.

Do you have a strange hobby you’d like to share with the world?
Sky diving.. I love the rush. There is nothing like it in the world.

How does it feel to hit the milestone of having 10 level 30 heroes?
Exhausting. I have literally had to replace my game play keys twice. I have gone through two laptops during the time it took to reach this level.

What are you going to do now that all of your heroes are level 30?
Play on my other two accounts. Never know where this will end. I have one account that I use to hunt and record hackers. So when the day comes that something will be done about them I have the proof.

Other then that, I would like to thank All of the BFh Moderators for their hard work as well as All of the [KZ-0] clan members, who have all help me get this far.

[Image: cope1.png]
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