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14-04-2012, 03:26 AM | Post: #1
Here already! Stop nagging on about it. Here is Chapter 4:

When the rescue chopper arrived, the Captain was nowhere to be seen. The only thing they saw was the retreating PT boat that had launched the UAV’s that we had shot down a day previously.
The Captain was never to return to Glint Island.

DEMONS OF THE SKY- Chapter 4- First Flight
Crew Quarters
3:14 AM
Sep. 27 2024

This island used to be a place of exile from the rest of the world.
It then became our first line of defense against the enemy. The North Americaans.

“…the souls are-a dreaming now, and can’t change the before…”
Chopper’s stereo breaks my chain of thought. He had smuggled his Back of the Coin CD into base, and enjoyed listening to it to reduce post-battle stress.
“Chopper…who do you think will be the flight lead tomorrow?”
“Who’ll be the flight lead tomorrow?” warbled Chopper, petting his dog Jumbo.
“I wouldn’t waste energy worryin’ about that if I were you.”
He settles into his leather bound couch as the music continues.

“Ahhhh….We’re an auxiliary squadron, you know. So His Highness the Lieutenant Colonel will just come down from the mainland and take over. That’s all.” He says with a shrug.
He tilts his head to turn up the volume on the stereo.
“Phew….I love this sound calms me down. I’m gonna sleep well tonight.”
I had to break in something that I had learned from the Commander.
“I heard that the woman, who broke the Captains heart 15 years ago was a recon Major in the Americaan Army.”

He sat up at this.
“Yeah, I did my homework, man. We we’re allies back then. Man, the Commander sure wasn’t subtle about making accusations either.” Said Chopper, then, in a Chicago like drawl: “’Was there anything suspicious about the Captains behavior?’ he said. Hell, I’m more worried about that screw in his damn head.”

As if Chopper’s words carried sheer power, two seconds after the word “head”: (Click that link)

“Ahh! Your kidding me! An air raid!? Give me a break, man.” Whined Chopper as we rushed to our hangars.

It seems that not only does death rain with the Razgriz, now chaos does too. The second I turned on the engines and activated the radio, it was alive with chat.
“Scramble the jets! Get all flyable aircraft into the air! Move it!” said someone in the Base Control Tower, or BCT.
An enemy plane flies by, tailing Nagase. Damnit…
“Air raid warning! Heavy bombers inbound. Scramble and engage!” said someone older in the BCT.
BOOM! An enemy plane explodes barely a hundred feet above my plane.
“Ahhhg…! The turbines won’t start up!” said Chopper, panicking. “C’mon…c’mon c’mon c’mon!” he said as I heard repeated clicking noises in the background.
BKAM! Another one goes down by a SAM barely 300 feet to my right. Shards of red-hot metal pelt my cockpit window, coating it with flecks of black.
Chopper’s turbines start. He inches his way forward.
BOOM!!! The plane that had been shot down by the SAM fishtailed into 4 parked planes on Choppers right, missing him by 30 feet!
30 million dollars of flying technology go up in flames in the time it takes for you to finish reading this sentence.
“Attack successful. The enemy is confused and disoriented.” Said an enemy bomber.
I remained calm, but Chopper went into colorful language overdrive. Without going into details, let’s just say that if his mother were there, she would order him to stay on the tarmac.

“The Captain’s spare plane is still in the hangar. Why is he not taking off?” Said Nagase.
“He’s MIA. Forget it. Just concentrate on staying alive.” Said Pops, the base mechanic. He’s about 40, and has a medium-length black goatee beard.

“Once your airborne, get as much altitude as you can. Fast! Don’t let the enemy bounce you from above…alright, NOW! The first enemy waves passed by.” continued Pops.
I make my way to the head of the runway.
“BLAZE! Scramble! Emergency Launch!” said the Launch Coordinator.
I hit the gas, relatively speaking. I had hit the afterburners on the runway. The base Commander doesn’t like the big scorch marks it leaves on the asphalt, but I think he can make an exception in the face of a crisis…
“You’re going to clean that up when this is over.”
Never mind.
“Blaze! Your altitude restriction is canceled. If something happens, you’re going to have to bail out over the ocean. Protect our base!” said the Launch Coordinator.

Encouraging, I thought. The Tower cut back in again.
“Control tower to Firedog, intercept the bombers. Don’t let them attack the runway.”
Fox two. Enemy down. 16 seconds after I take off and I already have a splash.
“I see you managed to make it up. Is your plane alright?” said Pops.
“Yeah…handles nice. Thanks for re-calibrating the YAW fins.” I said as I took down another fighter jet.
“Glad to hear it. It seems that keeping the old girl in good shape turned out to be a good idea af-“ he said before someone cut in. Oh, ****. Not him…

“This is Firedog Leader, Lieutenant Colonel Ford. Approaching Glint Island, bearing 460 to 465. That had better not be one of your damn firework shows I see from here. Are you having a R@R period without my permission?” said the Colonel, flying in on a Douglas D-15 from the Royal Mainland. Not very missile-proof.
“Heh, here comes His Highness from the mainland now.” Cut in Chopper.
“This is Base Control! We are under air attack, repeat, we are under attack!”
“I trust you can hold the runway until I arrive?” said the Colonel.
“Yes sir.” I said.
“Right. Protect it at all costs.”
I tune my radio to hear the ground crews. Surely, I thought, they are safe…
“Fire team! Stop the fire from spreading to the ammo dump!”
“Get anything flammable anything out of there. The ammo too!”
Apparently not.
I target the enemy Captain, callsign HideRipper. He goes down a second later.
“Kid, this is Chopper. Have you picked up the targets?”
“Yeah, but I threw them back down again.”
He didn’t respond. He knew what I meant.

“The bombers are turning around! Their heading for Glint Island!” said Nagase.
“We gotta stop them, or it’s all over.” Said Chopper.
“But we’re short a man! How in the name of hell are we going to drive back an entire air force battalion with three planes!?” I shot to everyone.
“Forget it. Just take them out over the ocean before they can make it back. There’s no turning back. This is full-on war.” Said Chopper.
BOOM! Enemy plane down.

“Rescue team, help out the wounded. All free hands, help the fire control now! Use the water in the supply tank to put it out!” said an emergency crewman.
“NO, YOU IDIOT! THAT’S DRINKING WATER! USE THE EXSTINGUISHERS!” screamed the base Commander so loud it rattled my headset.
BKOOM! Enemy bomber nosedives. Must have had some spare bombs in it. All enemy bombers are down.

Wait…the map is clear. All enemies down!
“Phew…that was too close. You are cleared for takeoff.” Said the Control Tower.
I see a double propeller plane take off. Pops was being evacuated. He was the only live mechanic on Glint Island, and they couldn’t risk him being killed.
“Pops is taking off!” I said with glee.
“Good. We need him…” said Nagase, her voice trailing off.


The radar establishes a connection. Oh, ****! More enemy planes inbound! I’m almost out of missiles!
“Command! We are short on ordinance! Request landing for re-loading!” I yell.
“Negative! Just do your best!” the Commander said.
“Damnit, you moron! We’re going to get slaughtered up here!” barked Chopper.
Before the Commander could flog Chopper for calling the Commander a name, he noticed something by the hangar that amazed him so much he forgot all about the attack.
“Look at hangar C-14!” he said nostalgically.
I look, then again to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Someone unfamiliar was taking off, but I didn’t know who.
“Who the hell is that?” said Chopper.
“This is Grimm!” said someone unfamiliar. “I was in the hangar helping out the mechanics. I’m taking off!”
As I fly closer, I was shocked. My god, he’s a recruit! He hasn’t even passed flight training!
Grimm pulled towards the runway quickly. He was going too fast at times, and his plane jerked randomly as he engaged the brakes to avoid rolling off the runway.
“THE HELL YOU AREN’T!” screamed the Commander, being the heart-attack-waiting-to-happen kind of guy. “YOU HAVEN’T EVEN PASSED BASIC TRAINING!”
“Aren’t there any other spare pilots around?” said Chopper, with less of the rage and more of the sarcasm.
“I didn’t see any.” Said Grimm.
“There’s no time.” Said Nagase. “Be careful, Grimm. I’ll cover you.”
“I’ll try.”
Grimm pulls to the head of the runway.

“Kid, this nubcake might screw the whole thing. Are you sure he can fight?” said Chopper.
“Have faith in him. We need another pilot, even if he doesn’t know much.” I said.
Grimm paused at the runway head. He was doing a last-minute check. Something that could get him killed.

“Control systems are…OK.”
“Hey. Who’s that trying to take off?” said an enemy pilot.
“Who cares? Just blow him into a few thousand lit-“
That was as far as I would let the enemy Captain go. He fell to the ground, pieces of HIMSELF falling with him.
“Oil pressure…no problems.” Continued Grimm
BAM! Another plane down.
“The hell? Who is that? That guys nuts!” said the Tower.
“There’s a fine line between insanity and bravery.” Said Nagase politely.
“Hey, who’s that pilot?” said an enemy pilot.
“Don’t know and don’t care. Take him down before he gets up.”
RATATATATATATAT! I hear an autocannon strafe the runway. Thankfully, none of the shrapnel hits Grimm.

Not this time, I think as I blow the pilot out of the sky. Sadly enough, he managed to bail out.
“Hurrr….agh! Some Royal bastard shot me down blind! Cheap shot, pilot! Cheap shot!”
“All is fair in love and war, and that’s a stretch because right now, there is no love between the North Americaans and the Royals.” I counter at the downed pilot.
“Radio silence, everyone!” he barked.
“Ouch! What was that? My ear is ringing!” said Grimm.
“Uhhh….radiation?” offered Chopper.
“Engine sounds great…thank you mechanics.” Said Grimm, ignoring Chopper.
“Let’s see how funny the Royal Idiots are after this!” said the downed pilot.
Huh? I look down, albeit just a second. HOLY CRAP!
The guy had stolen a tank! He fired it at the crew quarters. Flames blossomed from within. Thankfully, nobody was in there.
“Aaah! My Rock and Roll records were in there! It took me years to find all of those!” said Chopper, dropping a bomb right on the head of the hijacked tank.

“Fuel check…This ought to be enough.” Said Grimm, oblivious to the chaos that erupted in the crew quarters.
“Ejection system ok…” he continued.
“This is Grimm. I’m about to take off. Can you see me from up there?” he asked.
Fat chance. The base was covered with so much smoke that anything past 500 feet was smothered.
“Uhh…yeah, sure.”
“OK. Engines, full power!” he said as I heard a CLUNK! in the background.
Grimm shot forward on the runway.

“Don’t stop him! We need him!” flared Nagase, her iron side showing through at times of stress.

Grimm raised with ease off the runway. He decided to do a few in-flight checks as well.
The radar so far was clear, so I decided to fly out to meet the Colonel and bring him to base. High class people love being greeted.
“Grimm! Get over here and cover my six.” I said.
“The callsign is Blaze.”
“Blaze.” He said with confidence, albeit a bit shaky.

“This is Airman First Class Grimm, callsign….Archer. Attention please, all control tower personnel and aircraft….

"I will be joining the Firedog squadron.” He said.

“Roger. Firedog Squadron, take care of him for us!” said the Commander.

A blue triangle popped up on my radar. The Colonel was in our airspace, being tailed by….my god! Stealth aircraft! They must really want this base gone!
Oddly enough, the Colonel’s plane was taking no evasive action. It just went on a straight line, right towards Glint Island.

“This is Firedog Leader. Glint Island, I’m out of fuel. Request clearance to land.” He said calmly.
I pulled behind him to take care of the stealth aircraft. No missiles here, just bullets.
RRRRRRR! One plane down.
“Negative, Lieutenant Colonel Ford! You can’t land, we’re under attack!” said the Tower.
“All friendly aircraft, cover me while I land.” Said the Colonel. (He was flying?)
“What are you, nuts!?” cut in Chopper.
“Second Lieutenant Dapper, is that you?” asked the Colonel madly.
“Yeah, what about it?” barked Chopper.
No time to be in shock. Down goes another stealth plane. Phew…he’s safe. The Colonel is safe.
“I’ll be sure to write you up after I la-(STATIC)”
The Colonel’s radar blip disappeared.
“He’s trailing fire! The Colonel’s gone down!” said Chopper, unaware the last thing the Colonel ever heard was rude talk.
Oh, SNAP. There was a third enemy plane above my LOS. I shot it down, but it was too late then. For the Colonel, at least…

“This is the Control Tower. All enemy bombers confirmed destroyed. Airspace is sanitized. Thanks for protecting our base, everyone!”
I hear cheers in the background, but no mourning. Was the Colonel really that much of a jerk?
I turn off my weapon guidance system. We were safe…for now.
“Was my flying all right?” asked Archer.
Before I could answer myself, the Commander cut in.
“Sorry, but no. You may have some potential, but you need to show it before the next battle.
“Yes sir. I’ll be careful not to overestimate my ability.”
“Come on, let’s get a welcoming party going!” said the Commander.

We sustained damage but our efforts prevented destruction of our base.
The base is still combat capable and repairs are proceeding at a rapid pace.

From the sky, the morning after, Pops came back like nothing had happened…as if the open sky had always been his one true home.

Only 2 days had passed since the war began.
North Americaa’s war strategies seemed to be minutely timed to avoid giving us Royals any chance to launch a counterattack.

I got a notice of assignment by the press corps to interview and record the daily behaviors of my squadron. I guess the Captain had pulled a few strings for me.

Well, I didn’t waste any time going to work.

At 11:44 in the morning, I recorded Second Lieutenant Nagase, sitting in the crew room. She was writing something in her book. Nobody knew what she was writing.

I saw a small emblem on the book. After a quick search, I found out this was the symbol of the Razgriz, the Demon of War and Peace.

So, she knew. She knew of the legends too.

And now, these legends are becoming reality in the face of war.

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14-04-2012, 03:38 AM | Post: #2
i dont read that just sayin

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14-04-2012, 04:09 AM | Post: #3
(14-04-2012 03:38 AM)ghorboon Wrote:  i dont read that just sayin

It was well written.

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14-04-2012, 05:34 PM | Post: #4
(14-04-2012 04:09 AM)Rogue#1 Wrote:  
(14-04-2012 03:38 AM)ghorboon Wrote:  i dont read that just sayin

It was well written.

Thanks. I try. Smile

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