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Battlefield Heroes Fan Sites - VitalBullet - 22-06-2009 12:49 PM

[Image: headline.jpg]

ENGLISH - [Direct link]
Battlefield Podcast
Planet Battlefield Heroes
BFH Top-100

FRENCH - [Direct link]
Les Heroes Quoi
BFH France

GERMAN - [Direct link]

RUSSIAN - [Direct link]
BF Russia

SPANISH - [Direct link]

SWEDISH - [Direct link]

Should anyone wish to submit their own fansite to be added, please provide us with the information below.
  • Link to your Fansite/Website/BFH Specific pages
  • The main language your website uses
  • Contact E-mail address, real name (and nickname if you wish) for the fansite administrator.

  • We only accept fansites with their own private domain. We do not accept fansites hosted on free hosting websites. (Eg. Weebly, Ucoz, blogspot etc.)
  • We will consider reviewing clan websites if they are not solely used for clan-specific discussions.

You can submit your information to