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Nationalist destroyer Uprising - YouwannaDie98 - 17-04-2012 01:26 PM

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It was the end of WWII 1945 the war was already over one mission was going to change all of history in the mysterious Island of japans were the Imperial Nationals helping the Germans surpassed their goal for World domination and Sadistic cruelty it was night time around 1700hrs. the blood of and sweat of the jungle struck fear to SGT. Carlos"Curly" Hernandez and his 1st Marines division from his squad were picked for the job."Why the F**k didn't get paid for this. Man i just wanted those sweet Mama Sans at the camp earlier." that was PFC. Frank Joe we called him fatty cause he is not overweight but always hungry. bet those japs were scared of him cause he was 6"5 making him look scary. "heh" We got Lil Tommy reading a bible. he is always awake at night cuz he thinks someone is waiting for him to notice a blade slitting down his throat hes a f***ken p**sy but he is one psychopath in the battlefield.Now on in on we see a camp full of japs we put our gun down and grabbed out our knife we wait for them tocome to us then hide there corpses somewhere else as we did we advanced and sneak in without detection we saw a group of Nationals making a Humanoid machine they had thin bodies but a bulky armor had red eyes like a beast when we saw those scientist we shot them and t-bagged them to the nearest cemetary. when we got close to the robot the scientist covered in blood got a switch and activated all of em oh lord........ we are so dead if someone found this diary give this to my fellow marines or to my wife maria the adress is.................. and so curly and his team were covered in blood and died miserably in 2009 a local Japanese farmer found a diary and gave it to the Royal Marines who were still on a lookout they were honored at camp pendelton. for giving them an advantage to destroy the nationals. as his page were to have blueprints and latest futuristic weapons-The End

RE: Nationalist destroyer Uprising - zhongsifu - 19-04-2012 09:37 AM

Ever heard of grammar?