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2012/04/11 Web maintenance Thursday 12th April - VitalBullet - 11-04-2012 09:55 AM

Hello Heroes!

On Thursday 12th April @ 08:00 UTC we will be performing maintenance on the Battlefield Heroes website. Maintenance should last approximately 30 minutes and during this we do not expect any game or website downtime. Please keep in mind however that due to the nature of this maintenance there is always a possibility of some intermittent page loading issues but these should only be minor.

Updated Thursday 12th April @ 08:30 UTC

New Features:
  • New web header
  • New hero selector: Allows you to visualize your squad and access functions easier
  • New notification system: Get visible updates on friend activity, site alerts, PMs and etc.
  • Redesigned footer
  • Cleaned up and optimized CSS and jquery libraries over entire site.

Bug Fixes:
  • Signature templates now work with the new bigger mugshots.
  • Advanced xml signatures now work again.