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[Story] Operation Zerox-sign ups still open - Xsleet - 18-01-2012 05:52 PM


an unexpected arrival

All was quite in the national base in wickdon wake, when suddenly a dozen tanks rolled in; their engines waking up the drowsy sentries at the gates, and they quickly opened the gate to let them in.

The leader of the group drove ahead in a tank, but his head visible over the top of the tanks entrance. Something was wrong, we were in no need of reinforcements, and our garrison was already too large, using resources we couldn't afford to waste. This was our foothold into the Royal Vickdon Village, and final base defending the Royal homeland. I quickly snapped out of my thoughts and turned my attention to what was happening.

The national in charge of our base, General Xufic, or lord xufic as people called him before he turned against the king who had given him lordship, came out to greet the member of the tank squadron. "What on earth are you doing here?"

"Sir, the western base has been razed to the ground. All of those outside of the tanks were instantly obliterated by two new royal weapons. We have no idea how to counter these. One is a kind of MG and the other is completely unknown, all who saw it died within seconds sir.

"how did you survive the onslaught, why did you not fight with your fellow men?" the tone in his voice suggested that he thought the leader of the squadron had ran away from battle.

"We were north of the base sir!! we were patrolling a few hundred metres from the enemy watchtowers, slightly out of range when the attack came from all sides from the air! We narrowly escaped using a few abandoned ferrys! We must retake the island, including the major northen royal strongpoint!"

"Make the men go on patrol, man all vehicles, to the AA guns! They could attack tonight!"

All of a sudden, a sentry cried out:" Sir, They are already here!"
He was right.

I quickly hurried back into my tent, waking my friends, pushing a heavy panzerfaust out of the way, and sliding a knife into each boot. I then grabbed an SMG and roughly shoved my decorated national pistol into my back pocket, accidently shooting right through my black trench coat, and the bullet buried itself into the floor. Damn. I couldn't afford any more slip ups. I also grabbed a shotgun, and slung it behind my back, the weight of all of the weapons i was holding up combined made my shoulders ache, and the knives in my boots cut into my feet. But now was no time to complain.

This was going to be a long night.


RE: [Story] Operation Zerox - Xsleet - 18-01-2012 05:54 PM



I rushed out of my tent, and in the middle of the base found my old friend, jack nowd wandering around and shouting words of encouragement to the men around us, as more rushed in aid to those defending the gate against a flood of royal infantrymen. Though jack had ranked up before me, he had never really struck me as a man of war. More of a kind and gentel person.

I rushed to the gate, and he ran alongside me. We knew what we would say to eachother, so both decided to save our breath. Too late. The gate had been breached! Royal soldiers flooded in, as many as leaves in an autumn breeze. I took cover behind a dusty black building, jack next to me, peering over the corner and letting loose a few shots. I quickly peered over to see our men falling from all around. I wouldn't have this, nor would jack. I asked him to pass me two grenades, as he always had a plentiful supply on him and i let loose two freeways to hell right near the royal NCO leading the attack. He took a grenade fragment in the eye, but rage took hold of him and i heard him shout


oh crap! Im still not sure if i only sad that in my head, or aloud, i grabbed jack and threw him behind some randomly placed sandbags near the building, and had i done it less then a second later, we would have both perished among the fiery blast. I held my SMG over the sandbags, not daring to look over and without aiming let loose my whole clip. I must have hit atleast 5 soldiers, as i heard their moans. But the officer with the bayonet and grenade fragment in his eye persued us still, taking two dozen men. I quickly grabbed my radio and made a plea for help


At first nothing happened, and regardless of how many soldiers i shot down, i could see through a small hole in-between the sandbags they were drawing dangerously close. I threw a frag over to try to thin their lines, as now a whole legion of royal soldiers swayed dangerously close, and i saw nationals around me shoot into their ranks with MG's, killing many but more there were still. They broke into a charge, and i would have surely perished to a soldiers tommy gun hovering above the sandbags had General Xufic not charged foward with another squad of men and shot the royal down. The new group of nationals pressed foward, desperate for their counter attack to succeed. The royals line wavered, no longer advancing now but standing their ground, firing waves of bullets into our forces. Many died but that just urged the rest to push foward. Suddenly an unexploded royal mine, placed long ago under where the national base was built, chose to detonate.

Right in the middle of the royal's attack force.

The sudden explosion killed over 50 royals, and though it was a fairly small explosion, their ranks were so tightly packed it had devestating effects. The hole royal force inside the base broke into a retreat, many of them being killed as they turned their backs on our weapons. Many were shot down but around 30 royals escaped, their tails inbetween their legs. I secretly congratulated myself on surviving the battle, but tommorow i could tell we would take counter measures.

All we did for the rest of the night was half of us were sent off guarding the gate from further attacks, two sixths of us cleared out the dead bodies and washed the area, and the remaining few tried to repair the walls, and reinforce the base by placing more sandbags and defensive measures. I cleared out the dead bodies, throwing them into the sea near the base, wiping my brow as it was drenched with sweat. Damn those fat bastards. Even in death they were a nuisance.

At around 2pm, to our joy we were allowed a few hours of sleep. But in my dreams i saw only the face of the royal NCO we had scarred for life.

Mike Low.

RE: [Story] Operation Zerox - Xsleet - 18-01-2012 05:55 PM

Chapter Three


I felt someones hand push against my shoulder, waking me from sleep. I drew my pistol in what i hoped would be a single, swift motion but its head got caught in the covers and it span away from me. I opened my eyes and saw who has woken me- a national soldier who asked me to follow him into the Generals barracks, mocking my pistol skills and started generally taking the piss out of me. I stayed my hand, and controlled myself in time not to punch the bastard. Instead i asked him his name.

"my name? well, its Hansel Dobach of course! dont you know that, insignificant little infantry soldier?"

I reached over to pick up my pistol, and shoved it back in my black coat, this time avoiding shooting through the pocket. I followed him without speaking. I disliked this guy already. He was one of the tankers who had suffered attack on the western base that had been razed to the ground. Tankers are always arrogant people, until they are hit by an explosive and are forced to bail. I kept on following, no longer thinking about tanks and rpg's but i daydreamed of home, and my old family. I remembered the time we could sleep as long as we liked... as long as it wasn't on workdays, and when we weren't limited to these tiny rations...

eventually we found the generals barracks, dug into the center-back area of the fortification, large enough to be an underground keep. we went down the narrow coridoors, many gun-holes cut into the sides to quickly dispose of and intruders. I stopped admiring the scenery and focused on walking. We had been walking for fifteen minutes now, and my legs, weary from yesterday felt even weaker. My dark boots clanked against the metal flooring as we reached the central area. An important looking gaurd, who later came to escort both of us down here, pressed his hand hard against a dark green pad, and within seconds the thick metal doors opened, and we stepped inside to see wonderful living quarters, defensive constructs and meeting tables. And i also saw one thing, i as a normal foot soldier never thought i would see.

The general himself greeted me, and showed me to a table, where only a few nationals were sat. I had no idea what was going to happen. I sat down quitely and the general introduced me to the other men at the table, one was Jan Hanzwurtz, a tall soldier, with a powerful build, and a look of intelligence in his eyes. Fritz Bach who wore simple civilian clothes, and fiddled with his ancient SMG. The tanker Hansel Dobach, and Stefan VonStein a steritypical looking national soldier. He also introduced me, of whom many of these soldiers at the table had seen me and my friend jack at the frontline. But for an unknown reason he wasn't here.

"so why are we even here Sir, this is a waste of time"
This caused an uproar from the table, but the general silenced us all, one by one using his eyes. That look projected his message more clearly then it could have with words. The message being Shut the F*** Up. Once the sounds had died down he slowly started...

"So you want to know why your here men?"
"Yeees" we all chorused at one time.

The general put his hands on the table, and giving us all a dramatic look he slowly announced....

"You will all.... become part...... of a...."

This guy really liked building suspense. All of us leaned foward and stuck our ears out to listen better....

"Part of an elite national team.... team Zerox."

After all the incomprehensible yelling from all sides of the table had subsided, he said:

"You shall all take part in a mission to find out the new royal weapons, we beleive one is called the cheesemaker and the other Dragons breath. But their precise royal names and how to engineer them is still a mystery to us. You must also all remember you have been brought here after showing your superior combat skills. You will go to the royal base."

He stood up and on a flipboard near the table, he presented the western royal camp, where our old base stood. He showed us the landing point we would use, via spy-plane with top camouflage technology. We would then find a way into the central tent via stealth methods, and bring the weapons building plans to the waiting spyplane.

"Are we all clear?" we all saluted in answer and we were dismissed, and proceeded to the top of the base again, getting to know eachother along the long way. And i had to say, the person i bonded with most was Jan Hanzwurtz, though he was a little odd with his little black book. Fritz was also rather... interesting?

We finally reached the open, where the spyplane was waiting...
This would be my first mission as part of a national elite team.

RE: [Story] Operation Zerox - Xsleet - 18-01-2012 05:56 PM

Chapter Four

Our First Mission

I approached the spyplane, and examined it further. It had odd generators attached to the side, that seemed to send out little electrical pulses, of which i could almost feel. It had obviously never been used before by the conditions of the outer steel. I was shoved in by Hansel, my helmet hitting the top of the narrow entrance. I crouched and managed to get in, and seated myself inside, where there were 7 seats, one of which was the pilots seat, and behind it were the passenger seats. One attached to each side of the plane, and a small walkway in the middle.

I sat in the middle, seated with Jan Hanzwurtz on the other end, and the only person in the team i disliked, Hansel, sat behind me. The plane took off, shouts of good luck emerging from the ordinary foot soldiers near the base, making each and every one of us determined to complete this mission for them. I started talking to Jan, and he showed me his top of the range AK-74 and his leg wound. We chatted merrily about times before the war, when suddenly, there was a loud explosion and the plane rocked sideways, and started loop-de-looping, throwing each of us into the middle, my head cracked against a chair, but i was brought right back up by my comrades. At that moment i knew i could trust them. Suddenly i snapped my attention to the driver, we walked up to him and to our horror there, near his seat the window in-front of him had been smashed, and part of an exploded flak shell had pierced him through the heart.

"GET DOWN" i yelled, pushing a few of us behind the drivers seat before another AA shell tore into the curve near the wing, ripping off the whole front part of the plane. We had narrowly escaped it by jumping back, but now some people in the team were screaming. I had no time to turn around and see who it was.

" Everyone! we already have our parachutes, our only option now is to go down! be careful though, dont open it too early or they will shoot you down! do not open it too late or you wont catch enough wind to avoid death!"

Suprisingly they all listened to what i said, even the rowdy Hansel Dobach. It was a good feeling, and something unique to me in all my days in the army. I quickly jumped down too, and tried to avoid the razor sharp parts of the plane, hovering besides me. We all activated our parachutes at the same time, and didn't fall victim to the royals AA guns. However, our parachutes had tangled in some trees, shredding them and making them no longer usable, However as everyone else went to cut their bonds to the parachute, i quickly stopped them, and gestured to them to be quite. a few metres below us around a dozen royal soldiers looked around, failing to see us only metres above them. We hung there for a very short time, as they gave us up as victims of the plane crash, and though we were in the planes remains, given a sailors grave. How wrong they were, i wanted to shoot them right there and now, so did the rest of our team, however that would raise suspicion, and alert the whole camp. Once we were sure they had gone, i gestured for us to cut our bonds.

We each fell to the ground with a soft thud, all of us drinking a stealth tonic, So we were barely visible. Hansel had brought a machete, but the rest of us attached bayonets to the ends of our SMG's. We all dropped to a crouch, and in the thick shrubbery south of the royal base, discussed our plan. I took my time to look at the scenery around the royal base, tropical trees with gaurd posts atop of them surrounded the gate, A ditch surrounded a wooden palisade, and it looked similar to a motte and bailey castle, minus the large hill. I checked my radio and started speaking into it, and requested another plane for our escape, and explained our situation to the bewildered listener at the other end. I turned back around to my team.

"Ok, radio systems are still up, ive asked for another spyplane, but since they were only alerted now it will take them a good deal of time, but less then an hour. We split in two, try to only kill gaurds in self defense, hide the bodies and keep your silencers on. Me and Jan will take the western side, and get to the tent with the weapon plans. You guys rig the place with some C4, make sure there is a large enough explosion to cover our escape. Try to also take out a few gaurds while your at it, but silently.

Everyone quickly agreed, apart from Hansel who merely shrugged his shoulders and replied:
" Who made you the leader? "

Everyone else simply stared at him, and he was humbled once more. We readied for the mission and left the cover of the shrubbery.

Stefan took out his hammer he had so affectionately called, mister hammer and took charge of the eastern side, assisted by Fritz bach and Hansel. They scaled the palaside, as it was only half done. And it sounded like they had got over, un-noticed.

Now it was our turn. We took to the west, and climbed up the hill overlooking the base. There was a small building, probably a storage buildings roof sticking up over the wooden wall. I took my turn first, and taking a run up, i hit the top of the roof hard, tearing the skin off my hands. Jan went after me, but he leapt onto the roof with no difficulty at all, and hit in unharmed.

We peered over, most of the guards were in the center of the small camp, smoking laughing and playing cards. They joked about killing the opposition and one boasted he was smoking a dead national. That really did it for Jan, he whipped out his AK-74 and shot the gaurd, along with two others, dead. The silencer had covered the noise well enough, and nobody had seen the direction the bullets came from, but the whole camp had been alerted.

They walked around, turning around in circles, pointing their SMG's at the rooftops. One looked like he had saw us and was pointing his SMG directly at us, but then continued to turn away and join his friends. After a few seconds one large man laughed and claimed he had shot down by accident, Showing signs of drunkness. another gaurd, with a blue bandanna and officer's leather cap punched him hard in the face, then when he doubled over kicked him to the ground.This started a fight, with every single gaurd, even the sentries crowding round to watch. I heard the beep of C4 and saw a near-invisible hand stick a bomb onto part of the paliside, but then i looked harder and saw Hansels face as he laughed at the scene and placed a large bomb in the drainpipe of the royals central base. I saw a glint of white as one national bared his teeth, probably Fritz Bach.

I leapt off the roof of the building we hid at, judging the time was right and Jan did royal straying from the fight turned our way, and could have spotted us. i had no option other then to thrust my knife into his chest. Blood welled up, and he took his final breaths, feebly fumbling with the radio at his belt, but i threw his body, assisted by Jan behind the building we had previously landed on. I cleaned my knife and we approached the tent of which we had been told in briefing, held the weapon plans. Two sentries remained there, but the fight would only keep the rest busy for a few minites. i quickly jumped behind, and slit the throat of one, his body leaning on my shoulder. the other cried out, and leapt at me with a knife, i ducked to one side, he bumped into and stabbed his comrades body and tripped over my outstretched leg, His face slamming into his dead comrades, knocking him out cold. We entered, wiping the mud off of our boots.

the Weapons-keeper stood in the middle of the room. He could clearly see us, and drew out two sharp machetes, making an X shape in the air. We stood there, and drew our knives. The royal spat on the floor and gave us a look of hatred. I tried my SMG but it's clip had been emptied. Suddenly the royal jumped at us, slashing his sword at me,and i barely parried the large, sharp blade with my knife, The blow made my hand ache. but he turned around and slashed at me after turning around, trying to cut me from the waste in two. and i ducked before it could. Jan tried to take him from the back, brandishing his knife, but the royal had hit him hard in the face: and forced him back. I picked up the nearest thing to me, a glass bottle with some drink still in it; and threw it at the royal, hitting him right in the face, the glass tearing at his battered features and shredding them, the drink entered his eyes, making them glow bright red and he cried out in pain. Jan lunged foward; trying to take him down again. and before the royal had time to retaliate, tried to stab him in the stomach. At the last moment the weapons-keeper twisted around, the blade piercing him through his shoulder. He let out a roar of rage, and ran towards Jan, who by now was disarmed, the knife wedged in the royals shoulder. Now he moved backwards and cursed at the royal. Taking a desperate action to save his life, i threw my knife, hitting The royal in the knee. The man roared, furious at taking a dagger to the knee. He charged me, and with a flick of his blade disarmed me of my knife, and kicked my to the ground. He loomed over me, ready to deliver the final blow, pinning me down with a powerful foot. Uttering the words, "useless scum" in my ear. The weapons-master raised the twin machetes over his head, ready to deliver the final blow. I closed my eyes, and waited for it to come.

But it didn't.
The body of the Ex-Royal weapons-master fell nearly fell on me, but i rolled to one side and promptly got up, to see the rest of my team grinning at me, they had already grabbed the plans. Stefan VonStein held his light sledgehammer, stroking it and laughing at me, Fritz held a controll button, ready to demolish a good half of the royal base. Jan had been helped up, his mouth bleeding, and he spat out a glob of blood. Before any thanks were given, We heard a siren and the alarm had been raised. This was the worst case scenario. Me and jan reloaded our SMG's, and as a team of 5 we strode out into the open, shooting behind us as we headed for the gate. Fritz pressed one of the buttons on his panel, and a large explosion, completely demolishing the western side of the paliside, killed at-the-very-least three dozen guards. but still some remained shooting at us, screaming with Blood-lust and chasing us. Another explosion, this time in the road. Silenced half of the royals on the frontline chasing us, The rest tripping over their comrades dead bodies. another button pressed, and the central HQ came toppling down. Fritz laughed, Mimicing the sound the explosion made, "Kaboom" he laughed, While the rest of us emptied multiple clips into the enemies. All of a sudden somebody in the team flew up, and hit the ground hard. We all came to a halt.

A royal bullet had hit him in the throat, He cried, calling gently for his mother, Fritz tried to stop the blood flowing out with his hands, only succeeding in staining his own hands red. Then, he passed on.

we remained by Hansel. Though he had been arrogant and sometimes annoying, he did not deserve to die. More royal fire forced us back, and we were forced to abandon our comrades body. A plane was ready for us a few hundred metres from the royal base, and we continued running, the royals in hot persuit. We reached the plane, and i jumped into it, and yet again i hit the side of my head while entering through the narrow door. This time my helmet had been blown off and i was knocked unconscious for a few seconds. I then got up, My head bleeding, but soldiered on and sat down at the front. The pilot looked back, calling. "Are we all ready to go?". We all quickly shouted yells of yes, as multiple bullets hit the plane, but we held firm and set off. The dusty ground and trees did not provide a perfect runway, but nevertheless, we caught some wind and the plane soared up, The enemies radars unable to detect us and send missiles after us.

The surviving four of us had not any joy towards what we had just done, but an even further feeling of hatred towards the royals. I saw jan quickly whip out a black book and scribble something into it. I slumped back in my chair, completely exhausted and waited for the journey to come to an end. There was a sad atmosphere in the plane that day, and not one person spoke for the rest of the flight.

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/reserved (final reserve for now)

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(18-01-2012 06:02 PM)jakoietsh Wrote:  /sign-up.

denied. Learn how to sign up

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Name: Mike Low

Side: Royal Army

Rank: Corporal

Class: NCO (section commander)

Age: 21

Weapons: Vz. 24 rifle, 4 M24 grenades, bayonet

--4x Ammo pouches: 40 rounds of 8mm rifle ammo
--Canteen pouch: Mess tin and water canteen (fits in the cup)
--First aid pouch: Field dressing
--Utility pouch: Matches, field manuals, weapon maintenance gear, multi-purpose cord, small folding stove, paper and pencil
--4-cell grenade pouch
--Bayonet sheath
--Folding entrenching tool
--Ration bag
--Gas mask (in container)

-Blanket roll (carried on back): Undershirt, toiletries and personal camnet are wrapped inside

-Large conical bamboo hat (carried on back)

-Infantry uniform:
--Olive-green shirt and trousers
--M35 steel helmet (olive-green)
--Leg wrappings
--Black canvas shoes

Section equipment: Portable radio, medkit, 2 compasses, 2 sets of maps

Info: Mike is a Royal Army sectional commander. He enlisted 4 years ago when the war broke out. Throughout his military career, he has been a very mediocre soldier. He still is, possessing no notable strengths in combat or survival skills. However, he is an adept and competent NCO, and is quite close with his platoon and section.

Through 4 years of bitter, painful experience out on the battlefield, Mike has become a very hardened soldier, able to take on the pressure and grim conditions which would bring most men to breaking point. However, he is still known to be a very calm, gentle and quiet person.

Now, Mike is determined to bring his section, callsign: Echo Five, safely through whatever hardships and obstacles they may encounter in this operation, regardless of sacrifices.

RE: [Story] Operation Zerox - Xsleet - 19-01-2012 06:23 PM

Mike low, you will be added in the next chapter.
And you wont be killed off instantly Smile

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le french /bump

RE: [Story] Operation Zerox-sign ups still open - SigmaSlugger - 21-01-2012 01:22 AM

Name: Hansel Dobach
Side: National Army, Soldier
Rank: iunno you decide
Age: 25-30
Weapons: Rudolph's Rescue/Gerhart's Greatest.
Personality: Quite frankly, he's full of crap. He sends out hollow threats and picks fights with almost anyone, but in reality is an incompetent coward. He has no friends. At all.

If possible, I prefer that he is killed off instantly, if not soon, although as the writer it is your choice.

RE: [Story] Operation Zerox-sign ups still open - fitgher221 - 21-01-2012 03:11 PM

im in :
name:price randall
side:royal army
grenade belt-fisrtaid kit-5clips(m16)-2clips(colt)-bag with all personal stuff and tag

unifrom:tactical glasses
black infantry camo
black boots

secondary equipments :radio-watch-entranching tools
(for the other equipments i thoug it will be very heavy cuz price go on small duration mission so he doesnt need to carry all of those stuff)

info:price is a very helpfull guy he doesn't leave any of his solidiers behind he have been quit since the last time he saw one of his mates dieying in the battelfield now he
respect every solidier in the army
his squad mates are jake-matt-jhon(known as the"distacter"-mike the gunner

srry if its too long i preffer that u add price the middle of the story but its ur choice

if the m16 was too new for that time can u choose one for me

RE: [Story] Operation Zerox-sign ups still open - R4tiC4L. - 21-01-2012 03:48 PM

Hope im in.

Name: Jan Hanzwurtz

Nickname: Zailen

Faction: National Federation, Soldier

Rank: (You decide)

Age: 32

Weapons: AK-74, Gerharts Uber Greatest

Secret Police Cap
Black Gas Mask
Special Forces Jacket
Black Interrogation Gloves
GOS Dark Ops Pants
Ace's Boots
Veterans Leg Bandage

Information: Jan "Zailen" Hanzwurtz is a very alert soldier. Ever since he took that bullet in the leg he has always been alert. Even while relaxing! He is always suspicious and brags too much. He always critisizing and always makes jokes to make other people laugh. He doesn't really pay attention to orders and likes things to go his way. He is taller than every one else. He is very violent in battle and whenever his comrade dies he writes +10 royals to kill in his little black book. So every time a comrade dies he swears to kill 10 royals in revenge for his fallen comrade. He enjoys reading in his spare time and also likes to outsmart people.

Sorry for the long "information" or anything. I would really appreciate it if I would make it in the story. I really enjoy reading it. I hope there will be much more and that I can be in it.

Thanks in advance Smile

RE: [Story] Operation Zerox-sign ups still open - Xsleet - 21-01-2012 07:56 PM

im afraid chapter three will not be published till tommorow.
kinda busy these days.

But sigma is in, so is ziza for next chapter.
Fit will be saved for later.

RE: [Story] Operation Zerox-sign ups still open - SigmaSlugger - 21-01-2012 07:58 PM

woot for in-ness! i hope i die in a really fail way ;D

RE: [Story] Operation Zerox-sign ups still open - Xsleet - 21-01-2012 08:04 PM

Chapter three will probably be longer then chapter one and two put together.