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[GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - [LMS]jiijii - 21-11-2011 02:01 AM

Hi Guys Smile so I'm going to have to move out of my house this year and I've been planning on making my very own house! It's nothing huge or fancy, but I plan to try and make it as eco friendly as possible. If you would like to help me out a bit or just like this guide then feel free to throw a lil something my way Smile I also plan to start playing BFH Part time as i still have lots of work to do in MC but i should be releasing some more commentaries Smile¤cy_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted

In this guide I will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about being the best pro gunner on your team/game, I will take you step by step through what abilities you should acquire at each level, what weapons you should wield, what widgets you should use, what to do on each of the maps, how to duel, how to rocket jump, how to use teamwork, how to deal with hackusations, and even what outfit you should wear on the battlefield! Big Grin

[Image: abilitiesz.png]

To be a pro gunner you need to use the correct abilities, OR YOU MIGHT DIE LIKE A NOOB Angry I will first tell you where to put your ability points and then I might tell you why. Smile

Level 2: 1 leg it
Level 4: 1 leg it, 1 Explosive keg (keg)
Level 6: 1 leg it, 1 keg, 1 I eat grenades (IEG)
Level 8: 2 leg it, 1 keg, 1 IEG
Level 10: 3 leg it, 1 keg, 1 IEG
Level 12: 4 leg it, 1 keg, 1 IEG
Level 14: 5 leg it, 1 keg, 1 IEG
Level 16: 5 leg it, 1 keg, 1 IEG, 1 Frenzy Fire (FF)
Level 18: 5 leg it, 1 keg, 1 IEG, 2 FF
Level 20: 5 leg it, 1 keg, 1 IEG, 3 FF
Level 22: 5 leg it, 1 keg, 1 IEG, 4 FF
Level 24: 5 leg it, 1 keg, 1 IEG, 5 FF
Level 26: 5 leg it, 1 keg, 1 IEG, 5 FF, 2 Hero shield (HS)
Level 28: 5 leg it, 1 keg, 1 IEG, 5 FF, 3 HS
Level 30: 5 leg it, 1 keg, 1 IEG, 5 FF, 4 HS

[Image: tactics.png]

[Image: 2091.png]
Leg it: This is one of the most powerful abilities a gunner has, because it makes him as fast as a gazelle! Cool The leg it ability gives you a “lag shield” this means that people see you somewhere else on their screen then where you actually are, so they will shoot at a “decoy” of you.

Times to use

• When you spawn, look around for leet looking teammates who also spawned and use it on them. If you have to choose between a soldier and a commando then choose the soldier, because the commando will abandon you like a noob Angry If you have to choose between 2 soldiers then choose the one with the nicest outfit. BUT ALWAYS CHOOSE A GUNNER Big Grin

• Whenever you get in a fight, it’s a good/great idea to use leg it first, that way you close the distance. If you have FF, then use that when you run up into range to turn your foe into a block of swiss cheese! Cool

• When you see a friendly gunner, use the “I need a ride emote” (universal request for leg it) the gunner will then use his leg it. Stick with the gunner until the leg it runs out, then use your own leg it with him. This is called a “leg it train.” Two gunners with level 5 leg it can keep it up forever Smile

• If you get hit by a blasting strike (BS) by a soldier, then you should use leg it to try and close the distance again OR YOU WILL DIE LIKE A DEAD FISH Tongue If he kills you then QQ about how overpowered BS is Big Grin then while hes typing a response run up and kill him for an easy revenge kill >Big Grin If you see a soldier and he doesn’t see you then slowly sneak up on him with no leg it that way you can save it for when he BS’s you. NOTE: if sneaking up on a soldier hold your fire as to not draw attention to yourself, like a pro Cool

• If an enemy gunner uses FF, then you should use your leg it and run very close circles around him (if your pro you can even jump over his head Tongue ). The enemy gunner can’t heal from his FF because he can’t hit you, so you will win, like a pro Cool

• If a keg explodes it puts a SLOW effect on you (a purple glow around you). To “cure” this effect you should use leg it, like a pro.

• If you get knocked into the water, use leg it and your guy becomes a gold medalist swimmer and can reach shore faster.

Strafing methods: You can do the classic strafe left and right, but that’s predictable. One of the better methods is to run past the right of the person and do small circles to the right while running to your right. This ADVANCE maneuver causes the person from their perspective to aim to the left. This means that if you run by them they will have to make a harsh turn to the left with their mouse. HOWEVER, their keyboard is in the way so their mouse will run into their keyboard, OR they will move their hand into some contorted position Tongue Either way, they will have great difficulty aiming at you. Advance strafe=broken hand=easy kill for you Cool

Dueling method: When in a duel the strafe must change. This is the method i primarily use. You move left and right in an unpredictable fashion. Also tap the crouch button to mess up their vertical aim. Also, be moving in a circle while strafing left and right to mess up the rate at which you move. If they pull out a rocket, pull yours out faster and hit them into the air, like a pro Tongue Also, You should jump 2 times while in leg it that way their aim gets thrown off even more. You can also crouch right after landing from jumping to really mess with them.

[Image: bloodbathle.png]

RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - [LMS]jiijii - 21-11-2011 02:02 AM

[Image: 2031.png]
I eat grenades (IEG): You get this ability next because it helps protect you from the one thing that can stop leg it, the keg Dodgy However, IEG has many other nifty features listed below Big Grin

When to use:

• If someone throws a keg at you, then use the ability as fast as you can to eat the keg, before it explodes. You should actually eat anything explosive chucked your way Tongue

• When you put this ability on you can jump in a friendly tank and be sitting in the turret eating all the rockets that people shoot at you! You can also do this in the passenger seat of a jeep that way the driver can roadkill gunners without having to worry about getting stopped by a rocket! Big Grin

The ability can stop all of these: Planes, AA guns, Tanks, Grenades, Kegs, Rockets, and anything that explodes in general.

• If you see another ally gunner using the ability don’t turn on yours, because you don’t get double protection Undecided Instead, wait for his to end then use yours to create a longer lasting IEG effect, like a pro Cool.

IEG effects are in a bubble. You can move into that bubble and be protected AKA if you’re standing next to a gunner with IEG then the tank shell won’t hurt you. So, when you have IEG up you should move close to your teammates to protect them from evil explosives.

Idea NOTES Idea: When planes try to hit you, IEG can absorb the splash damage of plane shots. However, direct hits from the plane still do full damage, so make sure to run around like a crazy person. When you are shot by an AA gun you will still get shot up in the air but you won’t take damage.

[Image: 2046.png]
Explosive Keg (keg): The reason why you only need one point in this ability is that it only takes 1 point in IEG to counter it, thus you don’t want to over-invest in it. I will know go over possible situations, and what to do with the keg in them. (at higher levels you can go with lvl 4 keg and lvl 1 shield for a more aggressive play style)

• One of the really cool things about kegs is that they slows down the enemy. This means that their strafing is useless, and you can run circles around them with leg it hitting every shot while they miss every shot they take, like a noob. AKA keg=slow=easy kill Smile

• If an enemy gunner uses Frenzy fire (FF) then you can duck behind cover and toss a keg out, he will then use IEG to eat the keg, unaware in that doing so he lost his FF and you can now finish him off for an easy kill. AKA keg=interrupt=easy kill Smile

• If you see a group of unaware enemies you can throw the keg in the midst of them for tons of damage. You can do this even better if your on top of a roof because they wont know were the keg came from Cool (use this when your team is heavily outnumbered)

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT KEG THROWING IS THE EARLY DETONATION! What you want to do when you throw a keg is to shoot a rocket to where the keg will land. The rockets splash damage will make the keg explode early. The trick is making the rocket reach the target at the same time as the keg. You can also do some tricks with the early detonation, such as: throw the keg over a roof and then shoot the chimney of the roof to detonate the keg directly above the roof hitting anybody up there.

• NOTE: if you get a direct rocket hit on an enemy while the keg is at their feet it’s called a “kegzooka” and does around +60 damage to start the fight out, giving you a great advantage= easy kill Smile

• When you retreat around a corner you can throw down a keg, but don’t cause an early detonation of it. Instead, put on a bandage and heal up. The enemy will have to wait 3 sec for the keg to explode and another 3 seconds to get around the corner to you Wink In that time you could use a full bandage and be at full health Smile

• Tanks can be damaged and blinded by kegs. So, when you attack a tank throw down a keg and hit the tank with a rocket to do an extra 10 or so damage to the tank. This strategy can be used on tanks with low health, because when their thinking I can survive 1 more hit, they don’t realize you’re going to do mega damage to their tank. Also, if they do get out of the tank after being hit by a keg, they will still have the slow effect on them, which means no escape=easy kill for youSmile

• To hit a Jeep you need to be more skilled with the art of the keg. You need to place the keg in the path of a jeep so that you can hit it with a rocket at the same time as the keg explodes. If you pull this off, you can sometimes blow up the entire jeep! If you don’t blow up the jeep all the passengers still have the slow effect on them, so you will still get easy kills. A.K.A. kegzooka=BIG BOOM= easy full house for you Smile

• The keg has a “blasting strike” effect also. When you throw one down everyone backs away from it so you can throw it at some enemies and they will scatter in all directions, allowing for you to pick off the fragmented group. Big Grin

• When an enemy gunner uses leg it you should throw a keg at your feet, because this wards off the gunner from charging at you. If he does charge then explode the keg with a rocket bringing the leg it gunner into slow motion for an easy kill. AKA keg=totem of protection Tongue

[Image: 2055.png]
Frenzy Fire (FF): This is the key to a gunner’s survival in the heat of battle. This ability allows you to fight and heal at the same time! Smile The best gunners are the ones who have the best accuracy with this ability, because the more you hit the more health you get. However, accuracy isn’t everything, because with good tactics you can beat anybody Cool

• After your leg it runs out you can turn on your frenzy fire and start shooting the enemy to heal up any damage you may have lost while in leg it.

• When facing two enemies try to funnel them closer together, this way any bullets you miss on the first enemy will hit the second allowing you to hit every shot which means you can’t die. Sleepy

• try to be as close to the enemy as possible, while shooting, that way the most shots hit Tongue

• When you use this ability make sure to focus more on your aim and less on your strafing (but don’t stop!) Eventually, you will strafe naturally and you wont have to think about it Smile

[Image: 2026.png]
Hero Shield (HS): This is your last resort ability. After, your frenzy fire runs out you put on your shield. The hero shield is very handy when retreating because it buys you enough time to run away, like a turtle. Dodgy

• If a soldier hit you with burning bullets (BB) then you want to put on your shield to block the damage. (the same goes for a commandos poison blade) If you have fire proof underpants then when you put on a shield the damage will hit the shield and the underpants will heal you directly! Big Grin

THE BEST TIME TO USE is when a soldier is about to blasting strike you. Put on the shield and it will absorb most of the damage from getting hit into a wall.

• You can also put on the shield to protect yourself from the damage of a keg explosion O.o

• If you see a gunner put on his hero shield it means he is weak and all of his abilities are recharging. AKA Shield=weak=easy kill Smile

Exclamation IMPORTANT Exclamation: the hero shields most valuable feature is that you can share it with your teammates! When you’re about to go into a fight you should put it on all of your allies. For example, you’re about to run into the roadblock on Victory Village. You use the shield ability on yourself and 4 other teammates. If you have level 4 hero shield then that’s an extra 200 HP for the entire group, or an extra 2 soldiers!

When another gunner uses leg it on you, then you should put up your hero shield and the abilities stack! So both of you will be running around super fast with a hero shield on!

[Image: yunohatebacon.png]


RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - [LMS]jiijii - 21-11-2011 02:03 AM

[Image: playstyles.png]

Which weapons you choose depends on your play style Cool

Angel of Death ([gg]JIIJII uses): you want two short range Machine Guns (SR MG)

Insightful Ninja : you want 1 short range (SR) MG and 1 long range (LR) MG

~{ADVANCED}~ Emissary of Chaos([nR]jiijii uses): You want the SR MG and the Pirates Pistol. You will use the following ability setup at level 30: 5 FF, 5 Leg it, 4 Keg, 1 IEG, 1 shield.

~{ADVANCED}~ Alpha Omega Gunner([nR]jiijii uses)(different ability setup): You want the Assault Shotgun OR the Long Range shotgun along with the Pirate Pistol (hectors hatred).

Dragonzooka Turret (different ability setup): This build is for the new rocket launcher that came out. So get the dragon rocket launcher along with the SR MG and PP.

Team Guardian (different ability setup): you want 1 short range MG and 1 long range MG.

Fanatical Frenzied Fire Breathing Dragon of Ownage (different ability setup): You want 1 short range shotgun and 1 short range MG.

Ballistic Bandit of DOOM(different ability setup): You want 1 SR MG and 1 LR MG.

Death God (different ability setup): You want 2 LR Shotguns.

Demon Possessed Tarrasque: You want 1 SR MG and 1 870 MCS shotgun (the new one).

Harbinger of DOOM!: You want 1 SRMG and 1 LRSG.

FREE CANDY!: You need to have the easter egg and lvl 5 leg it (to run away Tongue ).

Commando of Braveness: For this build you want the hectors hatred (your sniper rifle) you want a grenade launcher (a commandos faithful useless friend) you want throwing knives (your knife, but with a deadly twist) and you want the vampire claw attack (your knife melee attack) You also want to have easter eggs (your troop traps) Next sense your a brave commando your abilites are as follows, leg it 5 Shield 5 (elixer) IEG 5 (your a brave commando so you can eat other commandos TT) 1 keg (your a brave commando so you can toss your TT's)

[Image: abilities.png]
Angel of Death: This play style is for the bravest and most skilled of gunners. You must always be in close range, so you have to charge up and be close to the enemy. Now, before you charge across the field yelling like an enraged bear, you must first understand that you can’t take on the entire enemy team Sad Instead you want to flank the enemy, and fight each enemy 1 at a time. If you’re skilled then you will always win in a 1v1 and can get the top score of your team, like a pro Cool You can suicide charge if you want the top score, but you won’t get any respect Tongue

[Image: combatmasterygold.png]
Insightful Ninja: This play style is a hybrid between an Angel of Death and Team Guardian. This is also the best one for being a good player Tongue You want to help defend your team by giving them hero shield and such. Then you want to rush out and kill someone with leg it and then retreat back to your team. If you want to hold the enemies at bay then use your FF to stop them from charging. The main idea is to flank the enemy, so that you can fight in their back lines in 1v1’s. Don’t stay in the front line of the combat long as this is Sleepy boring Sleepy and is just a meat grinder. Instead, try to run off to the side and engage in side battles, if you’re good you will win the side battles, and if your really good you will have fans who will follow you to their deaths Big Grin If you’re near a spawn point and you kill someone in a 1v1 then heal up and wait for them to respawn and kill them again in another 1v1 Big Grin However, make sure that they move around a bit before shooting them otherwise your spawn killing them Sad Keep this up as long as you can and you can get 8 or so kills before they spawn at a different location. If you do good enough you will get the top score, which means soldiers might follow you around to give you heals Big Grin

[Image: skulls.png]
~{ADVANCED}~ Emissary of Chaos([nR]jiijii uses): This build is the build that requires the most skill to be used correctly. You must have good aim, a knowledge of the game, and good tactics. You will mainly want to have your pistol out if your in the open. If your in close quarters have your rocket out. Whenever you see anyone camping shoot them in the head for 66 damage. Then as they run away shoot them again for the kill. Use your rocket in close quarters to defend from threats. Try to engage the enemy at close range because your only effective at close and long range no mid range anymore. Start off fight at midrange with a rocket and pistol shoot them while their in the air, then switch to your MG as they come down. STILL IN EXPERIMENTATION.

[Image: scaled.php?server=85&filename=om...res=medium]
~{ADVANCED}~ Alpha Omega Gunner([nR]jiijii uses) The ability setup you want for this build is as follows: 5 Keg, 5 Leg it, and 5 IEG.
This is a "spike" build, which means you try to kill the enemy before they can react to you. Kinda like in half life when a headcrab jumps on you, and you flip out. The idea is that your a phantom/nightmare that lurks around EVERY corner, waiting for that little noob to stray just a few steps away from the pack. SO YOU CAN EAT HIM LIKE A PRO Cool anyways Tongue so you try and flank the enemy and look for that guy wearing defaults who is using a bandaid and retreating, shoot him in the face, with the pirate pistol and quickly switch over to the shotgun and finish him off (if hes still alive Tongue ). Now that the straggler is dead, look for the main encampment of soldiers. They should all be cowering together holding hands and singing, so it wont be hard to find. When you see the soldiers hiding get ready to attack them. Move up so that your outside of their Blasting strike range, then toss your keg, shoot the rocket, and headshot the best soldier. If you do everything right the best soldier regardless of their skill level will be
the other soldiers will lose morale seeing their hero dead on the ground and you sweep in like a dragon and crush their dreams and hopes of ever beating you. Usealy their will be another soldier their he will panic and use his BS thinking hes under attack. Wait for him to use it then run in and shoot him up. Now, when not ambushing soldiers, you have to fight people straight up. To do this you want to do something known as JUGGLING. You want to use the rocket launcher and hit near their feet or hit them directly, this will keep them up in the air, and when your rocket reloads fire it again. With this build you have to use all 3 weapons, which requires a lot of macro (how fast and efficiently you can press buttons) Basically, fire a rocket and while their at the peak of how high their going to go, get the headshot, then shoot them with a shotgun on their way down, and then rocket them again. If fighting two people rocket one person and then fight the other, because the person who just got launched in the air is no longer a threat for now. NOW EVERYTHING I JUST SAID IS FOR AN AGGRESSIVE GUNNER. If you want to help your team sit back with them and use IEG and what not, shooting at the enemy with your LR weapons. Also toss lots of kegs regardless of playstyle Tongue

[Image: 50px-Category_camping.png]
Dragonzooka Turret: You want the following abilities for this setup: 5 IEG 5 FF and 5 Leg it. This build is for what BFH has become, A CAMPFEST Tongue You want to find a high up place where you can shoot your rocket down unto the pesants below. You want to be at a range where your rocket shell will explode from reaching the maximum distance it can travel. That way it will explode right on the target dealing around 70 damage from two hits, while you are perfectly safe. When you engage another gunner doing the same thing as you, use your IEG and shoot at him with your PP. If somebody comes to your camping location kill them with FF and continue camping. You should camp at a defensible location, so that the enemy will be weak by the time they get to you. Tongue

[Image: emotes.png]
Team Guardian: This strategy is for the gunners who don’t have insane accuracy Sad You should use the build in clanwars
Here is the ability setup of a level 30 Team Guardian.
Level 5 HS, level 5 leg it, level 5 IEG, level 1 keg
With this setup you want to stay with your team at all times. Keep hero shield and leg it up on them at all times. When you see enemies throw a keg at them. Never charge in, unless your team is. Your whole goal is to boost your allies that way they can doing the aiming for you Cool

[Image: machinegunmasterygold.png]
Fanatical Frenzied Fire Breathing Dragon of Ownage: This is the very first play style in the game. You have your SR MG with your SR Shotgun. This type of gunner can still work today if you have the aim to make it work Big Grin What you want to do is to never be in a long range fight, instead you want to be at close range or VERY close range. You want to basically back stab the enemy with your SR SG (point blank range). When you see an enemy, just run up and shoot him with your MG and keep on running until your gun is touching their back. Then pull out your shotgun, and unload as much as you can Tongue When they begin to turn around start running backwards and pull out your SR MG, OR you can turn on your leg it and stay RIGHT next to them at very close range, while shooting them with your SR SG. When you do this build you must say as loud as you can "F ACCURACY IM A FIRE BREATHING DRAGON!!!?" You have to be insane and be shooting all the time, even if their is no enemy just unload your gun at all times and be running around and doing useless rocket jumps, but you must focus your rage on the enemy when they come Tongue If you do it right they entire enemy team will RQ in fear of the rapeage coming there way Big Grin AKA acting like a silly person+tons of luck=enemy team RQ Tongue

[Image: rocketlaunchermasterygo.png]
Ballistic Bandit of DOOM: For this play style you need to setup your abilities as follows:
lvl 5 keg, lvl 5 leg it, lvl 4 frenzy fire, lvl 1 IEG, and lvl 1 shield.
The idea of this build is to flank the enemy while their fighting your team. When you get behind the enemy wait for a gap in their IEG and then throw down your lvl 5 keg when their all bunched together. When it explodes turn on FF and start picking off the Huh confused Huh enemies. If they all turn around with Angry angry faces on Angry then turn around and run away with leg it while shooting them. You can also do the ballistic bandit charge, where you throw a keg and detonate it while running straight at the enemy. If your teammates are brave enough they will follow you and your team will begin to go on a

[Image: shotgunmasterygold.png]
Death God: This build is one of the harder ones to master and is easier to do at lower levels. You will need the following ability setup for it to work:
lvl 5 leg it, lvl 5 keg, lvl 5 HS, and lvl 1 IEG.
First off, you will need to buy the uber long range shotgun and the pilfered super long range shotgun. Second off, you have to change your controls, make it so that scrolling the mouse wheel up switches to your first shotgun, and that scrolling down switches to your second shotgun. Exclamation NOTE Exclamation your hand will hurt like crazy after doing this for awhile due to the awkward position your hand is in. your fingers should be as follows index finger on the left mouse button, middle finger on the scroll wheel, and your 3rd finger on the right mouse button. The idea of this play style is to shoot a shotgun, then while its cooling down switch to the other shotgun and fire, and then switch back to the first shotgun which is done cooling down and fire it. You can do this until both shotguns run out of ammo, but the end result is a faster firing rate. With this play style you don't have any FF so you want to stay with a soldier at all times to get heals. The amazing thing is that you are now capable of sniping people with your shotguns so you don't have to engage at close range. Cool

[Image: tarrasque.gif]
Demon Possessed Tarrasque: This is a newer build, that is still untested Confused What you want to do is shoot at people with your shotgun and then switch too your SRMG until the shotgun is ready to fire again, and then quickly switch back to the SRMG. If you do this you should keep up a constant stream of damage with a few spikes of damage from the shotgun. This weapon setup would be best used with the Ballistic bandit ability setup or the Team Defender setup Tongue

[Image: nationalshotgun.png]
Harbinger of DOOM: With this build you want to play a more cautious play style, like a lemur. You want to pop out behind a building and shoot somebody with your shotgun, and then retreat back behind the corner. Move closer to the enemy taking cover. When you get into close range pull out your SRMG and take the enemy out, like a pro Cool Also, to be a pro you can rocket people into the air and shoot them out of the sky with your VLRSG. This is called skeet shooting Tongue

[Image: 1649652620823386175.png]
FREE CANDY!: With this build you want to drive a jeep to some remote location that people know about, like the royal back base for example Tongue Next you type in the chat "FREE CANDY AT ROYAL BACK BASE!" often they will ask questions on their way to the back base, things like: "what type?", "im alergic to chocolate can i still come?", and "DONT GO HES GONNA KILL YOU!" Just answer their questions in a calm manner as if you were not going to kill them Tongue Now what you do is make it so your back is to a place where they cant come from, for example a building or an ocean. Next place your jeep in front of you and place down an Easter egg inbetween the building and the jeep, but closer to the jeep. Then stand ontop of the Easter egg. REMEMBER TO CROUCH DOWN WHEN YOU LAY THE EGG OR THEY WILL SENSE ITS A TRAP! Next, when you see your first customer wave at them and say: "Walk right up in front of the jeep for free candy Big Grin " Sure enough they will walk right up and trigger the Easter egg to explode, which makes the jeep fly right into them >Big Grin and you just got a kill like a pro Cool you can get like 2 kills a round doing this but if you use your lvl 5 leg it then you wont die and can get a 2 KDR Big Grin

[Image: ThrowingKnife.png]
Commando of Braveness: this build is if your a gunner but want to be silly like a mando. You want to throw your knife to start then get a headshot with your sniper rifle(pirate pistol) then run up using leg it and be throwing knifes in them and clawing them with the vampire claw attack. If your courage fades mid fight put on your shield and pull out your GL and start spamming them as your run away.

[Image: insanity2.png]

This is what you might become if you follow my guide Big Grin

RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - [LMS]jiijii - 21-11-2011 02:06 AM

[Image: levelseasideskirmish.png]
[Image: levelvillage.png]
[Image: levellake.png]
[Image: levelcoastalclash.png]
[Image: level_heat.png]
[Image: level_sunset_showdown.png]
[Image: level_midnight_madness.png]
[Image: level_alpine_assault.png]

Victory Village: This map is the best map in the game for a gunner. This map is the godly realm of a gunner, you are the most potent class on this map. When the round starts run to the jeep and get to the roadblock as soon as possible! When you arrive at the roadblock, and there’s a gunner with you, wait to see what he uses. Make sure to not use whatever the other guy is using as redundant abilities are useless Tongue If you cap the road block then your team will usually bunch up and start fighting in the neighborhoods amongst the buildings. Your goal is to flank them as they all hide behind a building. The cool thing is people who are hiding are weak, on occasion. The whole objective is to flank on this map. If there’s a large group, either team up with your team and take it out, or avoid it and attempt to find 1v1 fights were you can win.

Buccaneer Bay: Capture the town and defend it. Do not leave the town, just stay in it and wait for them to come to you OR play the tuba while you wait Tongue If your team captures both the boat and the town then you should move into the cliffs in-between the boat and the royal base. Stay here and don’t charge out just camp here. If you do push they will spawn all over the map and all your hard work to push them to their back base will be for not.

Riverside rush: What normally happens on this map is both teams group up and try to kill each other on one side of the map. What you have to do is be on the other side of the map. Exclamation DON’T PARTICPATE IN THE MEAT GRINDER! Exclamation Instead go off to the side and fight in 1v1’s.

Coastal clash: On this map it’s key to cap the lookout on top of the hill. When you cap that don’t run straight down into the windmill, instead attack from the bridges so that you flank the enemy dividing their focus, like a pro Cool

Midnight Mayhem: This map is extremely close range so as a gunner you will excel if you play smart. Angry Evil commandos Angry patrol EVERYWHERE Dodgy so you need to stay behind cover for the majority of the time Dodgy If you can peg an enemy with a rocket you can bring them out into the open where your snipers can help you kill them. AKA open targets+snipers=easy kill Smile

Seaside Skirmish: Don’t play on this map as it is a silly place. Its also theorized to be the breeding grounds of all Noobs in the game.

Sunset Showdown: This is seaside skirmish with a sunset, so leave from this map also, like a pro Cool

Alpine assault: this is also a silly map because the developers just did a reskin of SS with trees, DONT BE FOOLED BY THE TREES!

On every map there are thousands of different possibilities of what could happen. So I only went over the general goals of each map, but the main goal is to flank the enemy, while sticking with your team.

This is when you get to prove how good of a gunner you are! A duel between two gunners is a sacred thing, like sex, except its a giant game of rock paper scissors. I will list what to do in each scenario. But before i delve into that, you must understand that dueling may be referred to as (0cKw4riNg because its as if two males are competing to see who has the bigger E-peen.

• Importantly, you cant just duel anybody at anytime, often you have to get them in the mood where there like: "RAGEEEEE!" but not quite: "RAGE QUIT!" When you get a person in that mood they often want to duel you Big Grin So play a few rounds with the person only targeting them, you know its working when they start Heart seeking you out too Heart You can always just ask someone when you see them if they want to duel. IF they say maybe do the above. BUT if they say HELL NO! then you have to trick them into dueling you Tongue FOR EXAMPLE, mustangtogunner, a CN (certified noob) wont duel me because hes a scared child in RL, sooOooo i have to go to remote places and taunt him with my arsenal of emotes >Big Grin while chat spamming him to death Big Grin When he tries to get to you in your remote hideout, don't shoot him. Instead wait until he shoots you that way its a fair fight. If your in a remote enough place there wont be anybody around but you and him and you get a 1v1 Big Grin After you beat them tell them that you filmed it and they get super mad Tongue

PRO TIP: always attack no-lifers *cough*fordtolameass*cough*, they have the reaction speed of a dead mouse since they play 24/7 Tongue

• When the duel actually starts, it’s very likely that the other gunner will throw his keg, be ready to hit IEG as soon as possible, like a pro Cool

• If the enemy gunner uses leg it, then turn on your own leg it, and throw down a keg and explode it with a rocket. AKA you with leg it+him with slow effect=easy kill Tongue

• If the enemy gunner uses FF, leg it or use FF if your leg it is recharging.

• If you’re about to die, then use your shield to live a little bit longer, also if you start doing some unexpected things like crouching very fast as your strafing will throw them off for a bit.
[Image: 2046.png]
WAYS TO START A DUEL[Image: 2046.png]

• Throw a keg
• Shoot a rocket at a far away cliff
• Wait for the score to drop to a certain number
• Have a soldier throw something that explodes
• Have the other guy count to 3 for an easy advantage on the noob your dueling Tongue


1. Eat enemy keg
2. Leg it
3. Frenzy fire
4. Shield
5. Throw keg to interrupt either his leg it or FF somewhere in the duel.

Here's a video of me in game Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - [LMS]jiijii - 21-11-2011 02:07 AM

[Image: rocketjumping.png]

All the good gunners know how and when to rocket jump. To start some good maps to learn how to rocket jump are: Victory Village, Buccaneer Bay, and Riverside Rush.

Basic Jump: First, go to a town with lots of buildings on one of the maps, I will use Buccaneer Bay as an example. Go to the flag in the town. You should see a small 1 story building in the direction of the boat. This will be the first building we will try to get up on. Walk up to the building. Pull out your rocket and have it so the tip of your rocket is touching the wall. HOWEVER MAKE SURE YOUR ROCKET IS NOT INSIDE THE WALL! Next, you have to choose how high you want to go. To do this aim your rocket lower for more hight, and aim your rocket up for less hight. After you choose the altitude you want to achieve, shoot and jump at the same time and you should fly straight up.

Backwards Jump: If doing a backwards jump (where you shoot off and fly away from a wall) then start with the rocket in the wall and leg it backwards as you shoot.

High Jump: To do an extra high jump throw a keg down but make sure your rocket is not inside anything for this jump.

Perpendicular Jump: If running straight along a wall you can turn 90 degrees very quickly and hit the wall while strafing to fly in the direction you were originally running.

Here's a video on how to rocket jump

RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - [LMS]jiijii - 21-11-2011 02:09 AM

[Image: outfits.png]

GET THE MUSCLE OUTFIT! YOUR A PRO GUNNER! GET IT NOW! That being said, what you wear depends on your play style. Here are some styles you can go with.

Cool guy: This is a basic military outfit showing that you care about the game. Tongue
[Image: 45498734.png]

Insane guy: This outfit makes you look like the best guy in the game.
[Image: 55135412.png]

Rich guy: This guy wears all the rare items, but the outfit doesn’t make sense, but people know you’re hardcore.
[Image: 82012374.png]

Umad?guy: This guy wears a provocative outfit that will in some way enrage the opponent.
[Image: 57328227.png]

Pro guy: this guy has the no head outfit with a low profile as possible. He wants every little advantage possible. They often won’t wear clothes that way it’s hard for the enemy to determine their faction. (This outfit is sometimes banned in professional completion.)
[Image: 73167022.png]

Guy with no BF's: This guy is a noob and you should kill him, multiple times Tongue. If you don't have a lot of BF's then dont spend what little you have on clothes instead buy weapons. If you want to look nice get a Dr. Pepper code. BUT STILL GET THE MUSCLES!

heres a vid of me doing the angel of death playstyle.

RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - [LMS]jiijii - 21-11-2011 02:10 AM

[align=center][Image: teamworkp.png]

Although you should act like Rambo at all times, you must also work with your team Dodgy Sometimes, you can take 2 people at one time Smile However, if your good enough you don’t have to think about teamwork because soldiers will just follow you around giving you heals! But, you probably should stick with your team.

• You are the gunner which means you have to charge out, but charge a bit and wait for your teammates to advance with you. It’s your job to push the front line closer to their spawn.

Don’t ever stick with a commando because their on their way to go hide in some corner Tongue

• Soldiers are the best people to stick with because they can give you heals and blast away pesky knifing commandos.

• However, going back to tonic morals, if you have an Dodgy aversion to people Dodgy you can use tonics instead of soldiers Big Grin

• You can also equip the punch widget for an easy transition away from Blasting Strike Wink

• What you really want to do is locate the SECOND BEST GUNNER ON YOUR TEAM and stick with him.

I'm now going to give you a list of things to do while with teammates.

[Image: 2006i.png]
COMMANDO: Don’t stick with these fools, as they are a silly race of people.

[Image: 2016.png]
SOLDIER: This guy is your buddy, but is replaceable with widgets Wink When approaching enemies try to hit one with your rocket or keg. Usually, your soldier buddy will use his BS and scatter the dazed foes. If you got a direct rocket hit and the soldier BS’s the guy in midair then he will fly far far away. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY WHEN IN THE PRESENCE OF YOUR SOLDIER BUDDY SPAM SPAM SPAM THE I NEED A MEDIC EMOTE. This will ensure that the soldiers sole focus is to give you all his heals regardless of his health because he just want you to stfu Wink The cool thing is he can’t run away from you because Big Grin you got leg it Big Grin Also, if a soldier throws a grenade or something useful at the enemy, then you should throw your keg and charge in during the ensuing chaos.

[Image: rocketlaunchermasterygo.png]
GUNNER: You can assert your authority on the opposing gunner by spamming more manly emotes then him. I suggest using the flex emote. You also have to t-bag more then him. However, the most important thing to do with another gunner is to make a leg it train. This is where you save your leg it for when his goes down. If you use your leg it when his is off you can keep it up forever. If he throws a keg throw yours also for a huge explosion (much better then waiting to see if they have IEG). Basically, when your with another gunner don’t use the same ability as him. WHEN FIGHTING A TANK WAIT FOR THE OTHER GUNNER TO WEAKEN THE TANK THEN FINISH IT OFF WITH YOUR OWN ROCKET FOR AN EASY KILL STEAL. Smile

(Refer to the abilities section to learn how to use each one in conjunction with a teammate)
One of my Favorite Commentaries WITH BLOOD!

RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - [LMS]jiijii - 21-11-2011 02:11 AM

[Image: widgetse.png]

Widgets are a key part of the game. Some cost money while others are free, which ones you choose can change your outcome drastically.

[Image: citem9005.png]
Valor Points (VP): The hard thing about widgets is that they cost VP. However, if you do your daily mission and any other mission’s available to you at the time, then you should be able to afford a constant stream of band aids.

Supply Drops: If you have Battle funds left over from buying an outfit THEN BUY SUPPLY DROPS! This is like gambling, except Heart Smile you either win or REALLY WIN! Smile Heart You can never get less then what you paid for, you can only get more. With just 110 BF you might get 500 tonics or 500 bandages or 500 fire proof underpants!

[Image: citem2005.png]
Bandages (Required): as a gunner this is one of your most powerful tools. If you do your daily mission every day you should be able to afford them. Soldiers often don’t follow you into the heat of battle, and when you’re stranded behind enemy lines your only ally and friend is a band aid. The amazing thing about band aids is they heal more for a gunner! Whenever you not in combat, you should use a band aid and heal up. With a supreme bandage you heal 19 HP on each tic (roughly 1 second) this means if you run around a corner you can heal around 57 HP. DO NOT USE THEM IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIGHT. If you use leg it you can run away and use them, also if you throw down a keg the enemy can’t follow you.

[Image: citem9040.png]
Stamina Boost (Debatable): This is a good tool as it gives you an overall higher HP limit, which means YOUR BANDAIDS HEAL EVEN MORE! If you have a large pool of band aids (500+) then you don’t need to spend your VP on them. Instead buy some stamina boosts.

[Image: abilitylarge2153.png]
Tonics (Not required): These are looked down upon because they give such an advantage, but if you got some from a supply drop you should use them. To keep some respect for yourself when using tonics. GUIDELINES FOR TONICS

o Never EVER use a tonic in a 1v1.
o It’s ok to use a tonic AFTER a 1v1
o It’s ok to use a tonic DURING a 2v1
o It’s ok to use a tonic while NOT in combat.

It’s good to note that people will still hate you for using tonics, but you have them so might as well use them. However, make sure not to use them in the 1v1 as this is dishonorable. It’s ok to use them in a 2v1 because you’re evening the odds against you Smile

[Image: citem9020.png]
Fire Proof Underpants: These are a very powerful tool and you normally get them from supply drops. If you do have them, then when you get hit by Burning bullets put up your shield. The damage will hit the shield, but the heal will go through your shield. This means if an enemy soldier hits you with BB that he’s healing you! On their screen they see themselves doing damage but in reality they are healing you. That’s why soldiers with level 5 Burning bullets are considered noobs Tongue

[Image: citem2150.png]
Wrenches: You don’t need any because gunners don’t need to get in vehicles because we just blow them up Wink

[Image: citem9000.png]
XP boost: If you get one of these then play as much as you can! This widget allows you to get to level 30 50% faster!? So if you have the money BUY ONE! If it’s only a 1 day boost then play like an intense insane person trying to get the highest score regardless of your KDR (kill to death ratio) Angel

[Image: citem2165.png]
Punch Widget: If you have an excessive amount of BF's and have an open slot on your bar, then you can get these. You basically buy a lvl 3 BS's ability and can use it like you would BS, except you have to aim it.

[Image: 2175.png]
Easter Egg: This is basically a colorful Troop Trap. What you want to do is equip the mission to plant 12 Easter eggs and then go to the store and buy 12 Easter eggs with your VP. While your playing just plant the eggs around corners or any place the person wont see it, but will walk past. So don't place them in obscure spots place them where they might kill somebody Tongue Such as, an archway or you can place them out in the open to lure somebody into a trap. For example put one in the middle of the street behind your lines, that way the noob runs up to stomp on it, but is surrounded by your entire team Cool REMEMBER NUBS ARE ATTRACTED TO PRETTY COLORS!
Yet another one of my Commentaries

RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - [LMS]jiijii - 21-11-2011 02:12 AM

[Image: hackusations.png]

I feel obligated to tell you, by using this guide you may become so pro that people think you hack. They will yell "HAX!!!!!!!!!11!!1" at you instead of actually fighting back! You can use this to your advantage by getting easy type kills on all of the people calling you a hacker! aka people typing=easy kill Cool

Videos: Sometimes the accusers take it upon themselves to try and turn you into the authorities. So, they make a video of you playing the game, like a pro Cool If they mention their filming make sure to do an offensive emote every time you kill them to only confirm their beliefs. Also try to play as good as you can that way when the moderators look at the footage they just see your highlights of that game Tongue In the end the accuser will be left looking like a noob Big Grin

Witty Retorts: You want to respond to the accuser, but not engage in a conversation (as it may be a trap to distract you from killing his team Sad ). When responding you want to be sharp and decisive. You want to turn his hackusation back on him. Here are some possible situations.
  • Heart Thanks for the flowers! Heart
  • You can't download skill Cool
  • If I'm hacking then how does my teammate have a higher score then me? Tongue
  • Check out my youtube younoob Angry

However, you can just say lol whenever someone accuses you of hacks Tongue
[Image: insanitye.png]

Here's a little video of me dueling, sorry about the audio, but i don't want to upload for a 5th time.

RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - [LMS]jiijii - 21-11-2011 02:14 AM

[Image: emotesl.png]
[Image: emote5000.png]
[Image: emote5007.png]
[Image: emote5016.png]
[Image: emote5001.png]
[Image: emote5002.png]
[Image: emote5003.png]
[Image: emote5004.png]
[Image: emote5008.png]
[Image: emote5009.png]
[Image: emote5010.png]

Emotes are a key part of the game. They have the power to make pros rage quit Tongue They also have the power to make bitter enemies the best of friends, or tear them apart. Your ONLY allowed 9 emotes. MOST PEOPLE have a unique personality, so I will just say how to use each emote and let you decide what your arsenal of emotes should be Tongue
  • [Image: emote5000.png]
    Wave Emote: This can be a simple greeting, or you can use it as a taunt if you kill somebody and they have no idea where you were Big Grin THIS IS ALSO THE UNIVERSAL CEASE FIRE EMOTE! if you see someone waving at you and not shooting, then DON'T SHOOT THEM! Dodgy
  • [Image: emote5007.png]
    Medic Emote: This emote is important because it lets your soldiers know when you need a heal. HOWEVER, you can also use it as a psychological weapon. When you have full health, use the medic emote and people will charge in at you thinking your an easy kill, when in fact your at full health and throwing a keg at their face. Basically you can lure people in with this emote, but don't use that strategy with an allied soldier nearby or he will waste his heal Sad
  • [Image: emote5016.png]
    Ride Emote: With this emote you can get two things, leg it, or a passenger seat in a vehicle Cool When next to another gunner, don't use your leg it and instead use the RIDE EMOTE, he will use his leg it and you can use yours after his is gone to create a LEG IT TRAIN Big Grin
  • [Image: emote5001.png]
    Angry Emote: This emote is for when your teammates fail. For example, on victory village when the jeep driver goes to orchard instead of roadblock first you can do the angry emote, or if the jeep driver crashes Tongue Also if one of your friends dies, you can crouch next to his body ( NOT ON IT Angry ) and do the angry emote to mourn their loss Sad
  • [Image: emote5002.png]
    Cheer Emote: This emote can be used for the SUPER T-BAG COMBO OF DOOM, what you want to do is kill somebody at a lower elevation then you. Then you must jump off the high elevation your on while doing the cheer emote, so that when you land crouching on their face, your hand is coming down from the cheer emote at the same time. Then you must slowly walk off their desecrated body and do the CUP ear emote towards their face Big Grin You can also use this emote to just cheer Tongue
  • [Image: emote5003.png]
    Yes Emote: This emote is used to tell your teammates if they did something right Big Grin Also, if you kill somebody with a keg you should use this emote. In addition if you kill somebody with a rocket or get a ballistic kill then you can use the yes emote.
  • [Image: emote5004.png]
    No Emote: You can use this emote to express your thoughts of resentment towards any specific idea. Also, if you kill a knifing commando then you can use this because you Heart completely shut him down Heart But in general you can just use this for anyone, but commandos more often Tongue
  • [Image: emote5008.png]
    Taunt Emote This emote is used when you beat somebody in a 1v1. You can also use it in a very impressive kill. Also when you walk up to the dead body of your opponent aim the taunt emote downwards at their dead body.

[Image: insanity2.png]

This is a video of me dueling some of the best players in the game. If you get the urge to duel me after watching this film feel free to challenge me in game regardless of your level.

RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - DuckingF00shbag - 21-11-2011 02:14 AM

WHAT A BOSS. The great man comes back with a bang.

RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - [LMS]jiijii - 21-11-2011 02:16 AM

1st Tongue Anyways, thanks for not posting while i was posting this guide, the admins removed this thread because of the 200 pages of "spam" on it that was not discussing the actual guide itself, so please keep the conversations related to the guide or debating about statements in the guide, thank you guys Big Grin

edit: second D: wuuster beat me to it.

RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - DuckingF00shbag - 21-11-2011 02:18 AM

Lol no offense they were kinda late in doing that. I mean, the spam was just harmless discussion about BFH until some guys decided to come and troll it, and then all hell broke loose.

Anyways, Raver asks for some tips for his guide.

I read your PM before I posted Tongue

Anyways, this calls for a celebration lol.

RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - RAVER89 - 21-11-2011 02:20 AM

Quote:Anyways, Raver asks for some tips for his guide.


RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - DuckingF00shbag - 21-11-2011 02:31 AM

^Didn't you say you were going to ask JiiJii for tips/stuff?

W/e forget what I said Tongue

The question is now: How do we fill 200+ pages with actual discussion related to the guide Tongue

RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - RAVER89 - 21-11-2011 02:39 AM

Quote:Didn't you say you were going to ask JiiJii for tips/stuff?

I dont need tips from him lol

RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - skrompf - 21-11-2011 02:40 AM

you should remove the easter eggs tip because easter eggs dosen't exist anymore Wink
great guide btw Smile
but make some tips on weapons and such stuff like why to use pp Tongue

RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - SirGell - 21-11-2011 02:42 AM

Well you definitely put a lot of work into this. I really like it. You made me realize things that I haven't before. Hope to see a soldier guide in the future please. Try to make it the same format as this, I think it would really help! Great job!!!

RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - [gg]OneShot - 21-11-2011 02:53 AM

alright when u talk about leg it i dont see this magical "lag shield" or w/e u call it when i use it D: i still die the same. and wouldnt keg be better at higher lvls?

RE: [GUIDE] JiiJii's National Gunner Guide to being a PRO! - CAR+U=DEAD - 21-11-2011 03:13 AM

A lot off weight off mah shoulders, knowing that the guide is back Tongue

I've been playing CB setup for days now... almost reached 1500 ELO on my main gunner, and reached rank XL Tongue That setup is boss Tongue