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[Guide] Complete Commando Guide - mooning_cat - 20-05-2011 09:12 PM

[Image: CompleteCommandoGuide.png]

I've tried to list everything you need to know about Commandos in this guide. It is longer than I've thought, but cut out more would make it not as complete as it is. You can take you some time and read the whole guide or just pick some single parts. By clicking an image, you get directed to the complete stats of the specific item or ability.
Please leave a comment and post wishes/ suggestions.

  • Setup
  • Weapon's
  • Ability's
  • Your Enemy's
  • Diffent Ways To Play

Last Update: [13.06.11] Added Stats to the pirate pistol
Next Update: Depends on your suggestions

RE: [coming soon] - mooning_cat - 20-05-2011 09:13 PM


As a Commando, good handling is required. Of course, everyone needs to find his own, but there are several points that should be considered. But let's begin with the basic, the mouse sensitivity. Every Commando weapon does not have much munitions, so you need to hit your target with nearly every bullet. I recommend a mouse sensitivity of 0.6, a yaw (left-right) and pitch (up-down) factor of 1. It may take some time until you get used to it, but your accuracy will be increased.
The second important point are the hotkeys. I use the default settings for movement with some minor changes. Emotes are at V and the face camera at G. My equipment bar looks like this:

[Image: EquipmentBar.png]

Some ability’s need to be used in combat, for example Piercing Shot or Elixir and widgets like Tonic. Those get a hotkey next to your movement keys, here F, Q and C. Stealth and Mark Target are mostly used while not shooting, so I've put them on mouse wheel up and down. Bandages are used after a fight, so they can get T. If you are playing without a sniper rifle, I'd put Troop Trap at F, but in case you need Piercing Shot, it will do good on 4.


Every weapon for Commandos has it's advantages and disadvantages, but all of them are useful if you could handle them. Below is a list with all weapons. If a weapon is not listed it is only a reskin of one below. If you click on the icon of the weapon, you'll get directed to the stats. All stats of all weapons can be found in M1k3ol's weapon guide.

[Image: Knife.png] Konrad's Knife/ Royal Knife
The knife belongs to your default equipment and does a good job in melee combat. Easy to handle it can deal a high amount of damage. But in high-level servers most people got abilitys to get out of range, so this weapon lose its effectiveness. Good for the beginning, I recommend to change to another weapon later on.

[Image: MR-rifle.png] The Gourmet/ Oskar's Farshot
This rifle also belongs to your default equipment. It has a high rate of fire and high munitions, but only deals a small amout of damage per shot. It may be effective with Piercing Shot, but I do recommend to pick another rifle.

[Image: SR-rifle.png] The Groundbreaker/ Roderick Rifle
Sometimes called the fast or short range rifle, this weapon has a very high rate of fire. With a very low recoil the holder is able to spread out the bullets. But without Piercing Shot at level 3 or higher, it is definitive not worth it. The small damage is comparable with the long range pistol.

[Image: LR-rifle.png] Stefan's Sharpshooter/ Pipsqueak's Popper
Even called the long range or slow rifle it deals the highest damage per hit. A high recoil and a slow shooting speed makes it hard to hit your enemy twice. But with a bit practice you can deal a lot of damage, even without Piercing Shot. It is useful for lower levels, so you can spend your hero points somewhere else.

[Image: SR-pistol.png] Florenz' Flurry/ Garreth's Custom
Better known as the short range Pistol, this weapon is deadly in close range. It has burst fire and shoots three bullets at one time. The small magazine makes your ammunition rare. Try to get close to your enemy and keep in control of the fight. With some practice, this weapon is a deadly choice.

[Image: MR-pistol.png] Ludwig's Loaded/ Carl's Cold Comfort
This weapon is kind of a special one and most people do not use it. It's most effective in mid range combat, but also does a good job in close range. A high rate of fire and low ammunition make it hard to handle, but with some training this weapon is worth it. To get the advantage, combine it with a long range weapon and Troop Trap

[Image: LR-pistol.png] Gerhart's Greatest/ Harry's Hand Cannon
Also known as the long range pistol, this weapon is totally overused by both Commandos and Soldiers. High accuracy and a high damage in long range make this weapon hard to exceed. If you do not like sniper rifles, it's useful to have it in your equipment bar.

[Image: SMG.png] TEC-9 / Micro-SMG
This full automatic weapon is comparable to the short range pistol. Instead of a burst, it fires the whole magazine in less than a second. The damage in very low and the accuracy miserable. It is only useful in melee range but then even worse than a knife. I do not recommend buying this weapon.

[Image: VLR-pistol.png] Hector's Hatred/ Jack's Cloudmaker
Sometimes called the pirate pistol, this weapon can only shoot once before reloading. With a very high accuracy and damage it is a deadly choice in long range combat. If you are able to aim with a pistol, it is the perfect weapon to open or end a fight. Shoot once and then swap to your primary weapon is recommended.

[Image: TNT.png] TNT
Your third default weapon is this anti-tank one. If thrown it sticks to the non-human objective. It is mostly used to destroy tanks but also useful to jump higher. The damage at infantry is very low, so I do recommend use it as anti-vehicle only.

[Image: GL.png] MGL140/ M32 MGL
Better known as the grenade launcher, this explosive weapon is a good anti-infantry weapon. The average damage is compensated by a high rate of fire. Sometimes it is used to jump above everything and get a good view on the map. I personally do not play with the grenade launcher, but it is a good alternative to the default TNT.


In case the guide would get much longer than it already is, I do not add the ability stats. But if you want to know exact numbers, just click on the icon of an ability.

[Image: Stealth.png]
Everyone begins with one point on Stealth. It makes you invisible for enemy's out of range. The range and cooldown decrease with every level-up and it should be your primary ability for most of the play-styles.

[Image: Elixir.png]
Mostly used as a travel or runaway ability, it provides you with a small shield and a movement boost for a short duration. If used, you get a blue trail and some smoke appears. Use the smoke to confuse your enemy's but take care of draw attention of others if using this ability.

[Image: MarkTarget.png]
Mark Target
As the name says, it marks the enemy for a short duration. You will see their silhouette if they move behind cover and enemy Commandos can get revealed from Stealth. With level three you are able to mark two target at one time, and with level five you can mark up to three enemy's per use.

[Image: TT.png]
Troop Trap
This ability creates a small mine which explode if an enemy gets too close or it is shot. They also deal some minor damage to vehicles and can be used to push them forwards. Since the last update they also deal a small amout of poison damage to enemys. Take care of not hitting a teammate.

[Image: PS.png]
Piercing Shot
When using a rifle, this ability increase the damage. If used, a small crosshair will appear above your head, so enemy's may be warned. It only lasts four seconds at every level, so do not waste them.

[Image: PB.png]
Poison Blade
If activated, it increases the critical hit chance of your knife and adds a poison that deals damage over time. In case it only works for melee range, what makes you unable to spam it and it cancels all other ability's, I do not recommend it. Better spend one point in Elixir than five in Poison Blade.

RE: [coming soon] - mooning_cat - 20-05-2011 09:14 PM

Your Enemy's

The Commando hast the lowest health of all classed but is able to deal a very high amout of damage in a short time. To handle different situations on the battlefield, you need some practice and the know-how. Every class has its own disadvantages, if you know them it should be easy to kill your enemy.

The Gunner
Slow but heavy, this class gets less effective in longer range. Avoid closing the distance and try to hit him just after he used Leg It. Without this ability, he is easy to hit and not a real problem. Take care of his panzerfist and do not underestimate a full live gunner.

The Soldier
A solid supporter class with some good long range weapons. If you want to kill a soldier, try to do it as fast as you can. They are able to fight at nearly every range and their Burning Bullets will make you visible even in Stealth. But without his ability's, a soldier is worthless.

The Commando
Very low health but a high damage output make them easy to kill and an enemy to fear. Try to take down enemy Commandos as inconspicuous as you can and do it fast. They can easily run away and a Commando that knows his enemy position is hard to deal with.

The Tank
The only way to deal any superior damage is throwing a TNT at the tank. If it noticed you, do not run away in an open area, try to stay right next to it. Maybe activate Elixir to confuse the driver and be ready to use your second TNT.

The Plane
Coming from above they are easy targets for sniper rifles and long range pistols. Just wait until it has passed your position and then start shooting it. Take care of get wing-clipped and everything's fine.

The Jeep
Well, this isn't an enemy for you. Just stop it by shooting the driver.

Different Ways To Play

With a lot of different weapons and ability's, there are many ways to play a Commando. I've started with the most defensive way and I'm ending with the most offensive one. Make sure to level up a bit before starting to choose one way of playing.

The Camper

Mostly hated in all shooter games, the good old camper is waiting for his enemy. Try to find a nice spot far away but still with a good vision on the battlefield. Make sure to change the spot every two or three kills, your enemy's will see you after each one.
Most people talk about maxing out Stealth first, doesn't matter how you want to play. Sometimes useful, it is not necessary for the camper. Try to get Piercing Shot at level three, put three points at Mark Target, one to Elixir and Troop Trap (good to save you or jump on high cliffs) and then max out Piercing Shot and Mark Target. You may spend the last three points at Elixir to travel faster. Use the slow sniper rifle plus the long range pistol.

The Mugger
As a mugger you support your teammates by marking the enemy's, capturing flags and planting troop traps. You won't get a high kill/death ratio, but a high amout of points.
Your main ability's are Mark Target and Elixir. Level up Mark Target and Elixir at three before put two points at Stealth. Then max out Elixir and Mark Target and spend the last three points at Troop Trap.Your primary weapon should be the long range pistol, as a secondary I recommend the short range one or another long range pistol.

The Saboteur
The saboteur usually acts behind the enemy lines, destroying vehicles and make passages unpassable for enemy's by planting Troop Traps. It might sound a bit strange, but your main point is not killing or capturing flags, just make the enemy life much harder.
You should put one point at Troop Trap first, then level up Stealth. Put four more points at Troop Trap, then get Elixir to level 5, Mark Target at one. As a primary weapon you should use the short or mid range pistol, as a secondary the long range one. The good old TNT can be useful to damage enemy vehicles, plant a Troop Trap under it and then wait for someone to enter.

The Assassin
As an assassin, you just walk over the map searching for another enemy. Make sure not to fight along against a group and take them down in mid range.
This way of playing gets more effective with every level-up. You should be at least level 18 to have Piercing Shot and Stealth at five. Then put one point at Mark Target and max out Elixir. To kill Soldier and Gunner you should use the fast shooting rifle. To take down Commandos I recommend a short range weapon, maybe the short range pistol or even the knife.

The Infantrymen
This is the most offensive way of playing a Commando. Just try to get behind the enemy lines and take down single targets. Remember there won't be a friendly Soldier, so carry some Bandages and Tonics with you.
In case you only fight in very short range, you do need Elixir and Stealth at a high level. Max them out, and then put some points at Troop Trap and Mark Target. Your primary weapon should be a knife, your secondary a short range pistol to kill Commandos. If you want to, you can also use two knifes, but this require some hard training. Try not to attack Soldiers with a useable Blasting Strike, they might get you down very soon.

RE: [coming soon] - Mr.Violet - 20-05-2011 09:16 PM

Nice buy You've spelled setup wrong in your first post. There stands setop ;3.

RE: [coming soon] - shadowbolt152 - 20-05-2011 09:18 PM

Just wanted to say Epic.. Im going to read it and see how I do with it Big Grin

RE: [coming soon] - mooning_cat - 20-05-2011 09:20 PM

(20-05-2011 09:16 PM)Mr.Violet Wrote:  Nice buy You've spelled setup wrong in your first post. There stands setop ;3.

fix'd Smile

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RE: [Guide] Complete Commando Guide - diopper45 - 28-05-2011 02:32 AM

The assassin is my favorite playstyle

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i found it useless for only commandos

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Is the conrads super knife and gertarts uber greatest good??

RE: [Guide] Complete Commando Guide - Mc4 - 13-06-2011 11:13 AM

Discuss in more detail weapon combos

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Has helped me so much!!
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Discuss weapon combos more.

RE: [Guide] Complete Commando Guide - diExitum - 14-07-2011 09:45 PM

Great guide, but just want to remind you that the sensitivity is also affected by computer settings and the dpi of your mouse so there is no right answer to how low or high it should be.

RE: [Guide] Complete Commando Guide - StiviByron - 14-07-2011 11:09 PM

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